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Adaram Ontario
Husband, Father, PC Gamer
Husband, Father, PC Gamer

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Adaram Ontario commented on a post on Blogger.
Great post.  I am impressed with how consistent you have been, and a Flash story a week is really good progress.  I second your recommendation of Holly's writing courses!  I am actually seriously considering looking into the mini-painting thing as well :) Looks neat!

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We now have 17 different Reviews up on the Foundry Review page.  I still don't like the UI, for the form, or the results, but I think that some data is better than no data, right?  See here for the reviews to date: and feel free to add your own reviews using the form that can be found here:

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11 reviews, so far, in the Google Forms based review for Foundry Missions.  Results are not pretty, but they should give everyone better information that just searching in game.  See what we have thus far here:

The form for those that wish to add their own reviews is here (/encourage):


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I know there is other stuff in the works, but, in the meantime, if people would like a place to put up reviews and then search for Foundry content they want to play, this should help! I … Hope we can help more authors get seen!!

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Hey folks. I wrote this up on the main boards, but I am interested in feedback. I thought you all would have a vested interest in this.  If the Poll shows and interest, I'd be open to help collaborate on such a thing, but I couldn't do it alone by any stretch.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the invite!

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Baldur's Gate ... News? Something new? Something old and polished? Hopefully we will find out soon(tm)!!

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Driving down the road and my daughter sees this and yells BOOMER!! Too much #minecraf maybe?
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