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Topping-off ceremony for Tower at PNC to close Downtown streets
June 24, 2014 8:30 AM By Jon Schmitz / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A topping-off ceremony for the Tower at PNC will close two streets in Downtown Pittsburgh today, causing detours on 32 Port Authority bus routes.

Fifth Avenue will be closed from Smithfield Street to Liberty Avenue and Wood Street will be closed between Oliver and Fourth avenues starting at about 9 a.m. The streets are expected to reopen around 2 p.m.

The 33-story Tower at PNC is being built on Wood Street between Fifth and Forbes avenues.
Gov. Chris Christie will be campaigning with Gov. Tom Corbett in Market Square @ 3P today. Thought some of you might be interested. I'm not sure it's been on the schedule very long.

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I saw it online yesterday and shared it with you fine folks, I got a text about it this morning form a friend, and I just heard someone at work say this story was on the radio this morning. THIS is the power of the Internet being used for good instead of evil, my friends. Hip hip hooray!
On Wednesday, Burton launched a $1 million Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a Web-based digital library of "Reading Rainbow" books and videos. It exceeded its fundraising goal by the end of the first day.
This is a couple days early for Memorial Day, but it's never too early to say it. Thank you to all the armed forces and veterans for their invaluable service to our country. "The greatest casualty is being forgotten. ®" (The Wounded Warrior Project)

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Oh yeah!
You fucking love science? Good for you. But maybe think more carefully before making your meme: …
An interesting side effect of being a person who puts words together for a living is that you sometimes get quoted. Normally, I have some marginal control over my words, squirmy and slippery as words can be. But once they are unleashed into the greater world they are free to...
I'm not a PC hardware person & would appreciate if someone can tell me if this is possible.

My laptop HDD is bad. I am getting a new drive (merry C'mas from Dad!). Here are the two things I'm trying to solve.

1. The old drive has Windows 7 installed, genuine version & all. I want the new drive set up to run Win7 but all I have is a recovery disk.

My first thought: just clone the drive. BUT

2. The original drive was partitioned, with a second OS running in the second partition, & I don't want the new drive to be partitioned. I don't know if I can clone it without ending up with the new drive being partitioned. Is that possible?

What would I need to do here to end up with a new drive that runs Win7 & isn't partitioned/doesn't want to run a 2nd OS?

If one of my dear good friends wanted to offer to just do it for me for free & explain it - because I have friends who think this kind of thing is fun - I would not turn that offer down. :)
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Not yet. I don't have the replacement drive yet & I don't want to risk doing it on the existing broken drive & making that inoperable or unclonable.
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I've never seen the front of this dress, only the back (presented in two parts) but I adore it. Can anyone tell me who the designer is?

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Oh myyy. Methinks this can't be real. No one is that clueless.
Anyone in the market for guitar paraphernalia near Pittsburgh should see this man at Guitar Center in Robinson, Mr. Bitters.
Boosting the signal on a message from Kellan Lutz for a worthy cause:

This year for my 29th birthday I am trying to raise $29,000 for ... a charity I've been working with called Saving Innocence. This organization helps to rescue and rehabilitate children being sold for sex trafficking here on the streets of L.A. This is my home. This is where I live. With your help we can put an end to this. Slowly but surely, we are making a difference. Every penny helps so to everyone that can donate I thank you very much.

If you could take one minute to donate one dollar, (or more) we will reach this goal together, as I donate thousands of dollars every year. Thank you for helping.

Absolutely true. Please do not give a pet as a holiday gift unless everyone involved is prepared for the responsibility. Have a safe & happy holiday season!
About a month ago, I was at the Pasadena Humane Society and saw a beautiful tan and white, six month old female pit mix. Her personality and disposition reminded me so much of Marlowe (who has become an awesome addition to the family) so I was hopeful she would find her forever home soon. Two weeks ago, she was adopted!

Yesterday, I was visiting PHS and was out in the dog kennel area when that sweet pup was returned by the owner who said she was "too hyper." A six month old puppy, who had been living on the streets when she was brought to the shelter and had no consistent training, was "too hyper."

When we first got Marlowe, she was only 4 months old and had clearly been living those 4 months on the streets. She was thin, dirty, sick, ridiculously hyper, and the sweetest, most affectionate little puppy we'd ever seen (we were at PHS when she was brought in by someone who had found her running around a local park.) As dog owners, we already knew it would take a lot of work for her to be a good member of the Wheaton household. Patience, consistency, and training was going to be tough, but we knew it needed to be done for her sake and ours. She is 18 months old now and such a sweet girl, I couldn't imagine life without her.

Being a pet owner takes work. If you're considering adopting a pet for your family as a gift this holiday, make sure everyone in your household is on board with this idea ahead of time. Go to a shelter together, make the decision together, spend some time with the pet, ask shelter staff about personality traits and potential issues, and commit to the care and training of the pet together.

 A pet isn't going to become the perfect addition to the family overnight. It's going to take time for you both to get used to the new living situation, and training doesn't get perfected right away. But over time, your new family member will become one of the best part of your lives. 

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