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Today is better than yesterday.
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Me too. Cheyanne, what a pretty name.

not today i am not agreey
hi cheyanne today i am not happy b/c my girl friend is sicke
UNLESS... Yesterday u won the lottery and today your mom died.

I really didn't like yesterday since.the guy I like overheard me say that I like him so.yeah 
Nah, yesterday was a good day for me :p 
True. Yesterday was a Monday. Mondays aren't the greatest, but they are decent.
I don't get the significance of post it notes hanging out to dry.  I agree with the message but the medium is beyond me.
Nope! Yesterday l was dating and today l'm not. :/
I'll never let yesterday ruin my today. Have good day everyone... =D
past day is better. but this thought is good
不知道,没法确定。I felt today is kind of the same as yesterday. Or maybe life is just a bigger version of bordom.
kim moo
is it really though? my life feels very stagnant...
“The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday-but never jam today

It must come sometime to jam today, Alice objected

No it can't said the Queen It's jame every other day. Today isn't any other day, you know”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
live every day fully without taking tensions of yesterday which has passed and dont predict your nxt day because life is too short live every second of it dont just spend it.
everyday is a special day created by God! we need to enjoy every bit of it by remembering our creator.
I will hope it is and keep my fingers crossed! i truly do!!
nope today was worse
Nicole doyle ...Emma Elliot is right, don't worry about future, its better to surprise than to disappoint ..
i'm from indonesia friends :D
"Today is better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow" this means that everyday is better than the last and holds hope for tomorrow
nd 2morow is better then today...
falaq g
after tomorrow is better than tomorrow
it will be better the next day.....
no it was worster than yesterday
Wow! Seriously I thought I am the only messed up head! Com'on guys.. Cheer up for real =D
Today is a better day because we're still alive and we still have the chance to make what went wrong, go right! =) 

Who's next?
+Nazish Gull Well I don't speak "Kese" language so out me hoping it's a nice word, I thank you =D =)
unless today is monday.......
today is better because i feel better lol
but probably worse thab tommorrow
don think coz days depend on which syd of de bed u woke up at
Aye Lay
Nothing can be right than this one
yesterday was too hot but 2day is cool we got few rain drops in namibia
Just put some music on it makes you fill better ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sing along
ohh but yesterday was better than today for me
Lar. Lar lar feel. Good ,,,,,,,,,,,,
Sing together then. Lar lar lar can you fill it ha ha 
Maybe! But hope it's right and Just faith it.
True,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that's the song ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, true
Love it let's not be sad just somettimes. But happy. Most of the time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
i think yesterday was much better so far
Well let's try and change the. Singing. Lar lar ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,boo ,,,,,,lar. Better ,,,,,,
Frustrated..been trying to further my education really seeking to go to any kind of training,educational, have applied on line on campus & no luck for the simple fact not a high school graduate..I THOUGHT THATS WHAT GOING BACK TOO SCHOOL MEANT!TOO GET THE HELP GETTING STARTED!!
Everyday is a great one...just hope today is better than yesterdays!
Shit so sorry don't give up. let's hope you will get better news 
Thats right. It should be some work so hard for what but stay there. Just be happy ,,,,,,, 
the best is yet to come :) 
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