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Query Letter
To use a voice that is not my own Is a craft I work to hone Can I actually accomplish this? This voice, sarcastic, full of wit Is it mine, the voice you read? Or is it a plant's seed? Planted to bloom and grow      by me To become something only you know   ...

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Hanging On For Dear Life
The tree in my office window holds its dead leaves Like cherished treasure it doesn't want to put down Even though the leaves are stagnant, will not grow The dichotomy of these leaves, so close to Trees blossoming to life Playing at a delicate balance, just...

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Red Truck
The red truck crashed through my dreams (again) Haunting me still It isn’t what it seems I hate how I feel In my dreams the crash Is full of death and rot My life has since changed My view has not I was left in the dust And debris of what was Reminders of i...

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Spoiler Alert!!
Let the story unfold. Do not skip forward to reveal. Knowing what is to come, Makes the heart numb before it feels. Let the story tell itself - From beginning to end. For there is meaning in the journey, What the author intends. Revel in the process Of livi...

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On The Fly
Grab that thought Write it down Don't think about Who will frown Just transcribe the feeling Without regret Before your heart Does forget Because while pain lingers Too long it seems Joy is traveling Through your dreams Capture it while you can Before it ge...

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Outside Chair
Bright orange chair In front of a deep black door Sitting alone atop a staircase Waiting for someone Something Anything at all A strong wind A tired dancer A few flurries of snow Maybe even some activity below Keeping a vigil Even without patience Or conseq...

Just added "12 Poems of Christmas" to Kindle!!

It seems like forever since....forever.

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Fundraising & Training!! Weekend Fun!!
Well this weekend was a productive weekend. My teammates and I "canned" at Disco Kroger on Piedmont Ave in Atlanta, GA; spreading the wor...

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15.53 Miles!! Wow!
I have a sore on the bottom of my foot that is the size of a dime. It feels like there is a sharp rock in my shoe with every step. I used...
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