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Maham Insha
accidently stereotyped and i really dont care
accidently stereotyped and i really dont care
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Flower Goth Queen
 As a CIE-free summer approaches I have been thinking about
changes I can bring into my life. Big, small, it doesn’t matter as all changes
are welcome. Every summer passes with the promise during exam stress to make it
great, unforgettable and highly produc...

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Solo Adventures
Hello! I am very well aware of how quiet it has been lately on this blog, and I can make a lot of valid excuses to justify my absence. However, I would rather skip that conversation tinted with a slightly negative light because I am too excited about this p...

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The power of girl groups
Girl group(noun): A group of friends who all identify as female. Well, duh. I have been part of several different 'girl groups' throughout the years. There was a certain group in ninth grade, which was probably my first group; and there was the trio of best...

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Love letters to strangers
I just want you to be my muse, baby. I want there to be a fire between us, raging, flickering above the stakes. I want there to be a danger I can not turn away from, my legs, paralyzed even though my mind is screaming to get away. I want there to be Dark Tr...

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How to become a Leela
  An important tip for content creation is to create content
you, yourself would enjoy looking at and would get inspired by. Keeping this in
mind, I am here to create content on one of my biggest obsessions-Sanjay Leela
Bhansali’s Indian film- Ram-leela. A ...

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There is no Majam.
Never have I been this honest in anything I have written
before. Never have I opened myself this much. It’s scary, because usually you
make up a huge part of yourself in writing, because how much do you really want people to know? It’s easier
to glorify the...

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Visual Diary: New Idenitifications.
 This is a visual diary: New identifications. Band practices, learning how to manage concerts, meeting new
people, making friends who are YOUR kind of people, composing music, applause,
community, a beautiful new school, serenity, opportunities, big girl pa...

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I present to you all, a sneak peek of a shop I’m going to be
opening! It’s going to be a paper goods shop, which means postcards, miniature
books, cards, envelopes and poster prints of my photography are all coming your
way. Sometimes getting back to paper ...

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 I’ve been super excited to share these pictures with you all
I could hardly wait! Lol, nah. Scratch that. These are from an impromptu shoot I did just yesterday at
Mareyah’s house. So I didn’t have to wait at all to get this post uploaded,
because I’ve bee...
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