Why Google+ Matters to Business

Why should businesses pay attention to Google+ when it certainly looks like a failure? Some recent headlines include :“Google+ is a Ghost Town”, “The Mounting Minuses at Google+”, “Google+ Users Spent Just 3.3 Minutes per month”.

If a business cares just about engaging a new social media network, then you probably shouldn’t make much of an investment. However, if a business cares about creating influence via your custom content, then Google+ may be one of the most powerful ways – ever – to create influence. Why? Because Google+ is NOT a social network, it’s an SEO machine.

To understand why, you need to think about Google’s objectives. Google wants users to spend time on their search site so they can sell advertising. It’s really quite simple. When Google looks at their investment in Google+, it is to help them achieve the objective of selling more advertising.

To do that, Google is leveraging the content we provide on Google+ to drive better search results … which is what users want … which means users do more search on Google … which means advertisers get better value … which means Google sells more advertising.

Google wants to provide more and more relevant search results to users. They are doing this first by highlighting Google+ content in search results. Google will continue to make very significant investments in improving search results and will leverage Google+ to make that happen.

They are giving business a substantial reason to make Google+ a cornerstone of their marketing mix – it’s all about SEO.

I'd like to thank the following contributors for helping me understand why Google+ is so important to any business' marketing strategy: +Mark Traphagen +Robert Scoble +Gideon Rosenblatt +Denis Labelle +Louis Gray +Google+ Your Business
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