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An article about the history of text adventure games. As a text adventure game.

How on earth does Google+ determine the order of things in my feed? I'm seeing things posted yesterday (with no comments or other activity) near the top, with things posted recently way, way below them.

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Randomly-generated comics in the style of asofterworld, using git commit messages.

Teaching a Tuesday-Thursday section of 150s next year! So happy about my teaching assignment!

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I can't stop listening to this. (Thanks for +Glenn Willen for the link!)

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Is there a way to stop G+ from displaying the "Getting Started" page when I reload it after a long time?

My bookshelf just collapsed :(

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In case any of you want to see pictures of what I was doing over break! (Spoiler alert: I was visiting national parks in Utah and Arizona!)

Kind of disappointed that +SparkFun Electronics would write "Just don't tell your wife you're hacking the Roomba..." in their new product post and then delete comments pointing out that it's sexist edit: my bad; I thought comments were in chronological order, so I missed a few comments when I checked later.

Edit 2: Sparkfun replied, and edited the original post. Thank you!
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