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Have you ever discovered a fresh dent on your car right as you were preparing to sell it? Let us come out and help you restore your car to a sales worthy appearance buyers will love.

All you need to do is find a day when you expect to be working or at home for a few hours. If there's any reason we think the job may take longer, we'll immediately let you know.

Harsh weather can be tough to drive in, and it only takes one snow-covered curb or fog-hidden sign to destroy your bumper. But you don’t have to live with it. Collision repair experts can help get your bumper as good as new.

Collision damage doesn’t just have to come from a collision with another vehicle. It can also come from an object hitting your car, like dings from hail or shopping carts. Fortunately, collision repair experts can fix these dings and dents, often without even damaging the paint.

Unlike older car paints, modern base and top coats are applied in thicker layers. Why? Today, auto body paint formulas produce a high-viscosity coating that must be applied as a heavy film in order to adhere and perform properly.

Body work is an important part of auto collision repair. In addition to mechanical and frame repair, all body panels are repaired or replaced, not just so they are straight and dent-free, but also to ensure no panel gaps exist.

You’ve just invested in a new paint job for your car, and now you want to protect it. Consider parking it under a cover when possible. Parking it under trees can leave your car covered in debris and pollen, which will affect the paint and its durability.

No matter how well you drive, your paint job is bound to get nicks and chips from gravel, rocks, or other debris that bounces off the road. Fortunately, an auto paint expert will be able to perfectly match the color and give you back that flawlessly smooth paint.

There are many different aspects involved in auto collision repair, depending on the extent and severity of the damage. These include the replacement of entire sections, structural replacement, and frame repair.

Auto accidents can be extremely stressful. This is why it’s important to choose a body shop you feel comfortable with and trust to do your repairs quickly and properly. If you don’t like the body shop the insurance company recommends, keep looking until you find one that fits you better.
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