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We invite you to join us for another international conference at the Champalimaud Foundation. On November 18th a group of internationally renowned experts in the field will join some of our own senior physicians and researchers to discuss ‘The liver beyond surgery in colorectal metastatic disease.'

Organised by the Foundation’s Dr. Luis Rosa, this meeting will focus on the role of minimally invasive techniques in liver metastasis originating from colorectal cancer. The liver is the organ where the practice of minimally invasive interventional oncology has had the greatest impact given its frequent involvement in primary and secondary neoplasms. In particular, colorectal metastatic cancer stands out as it presents in a synchronous or metachronous form in around 60% of cases, which is often the determining factor in mortality from this disease. In this context interventional procedures are part of a range of therapeutic options whose selection and integration depend on the phase of the disease and the response to previous treatments.

It is with this in mind that the Champalimaud Foundation will hold the first in a series of conferences focusing on what we would call ‘Known unknowns in disease management’, as we bring experts in the field from Germany, U.K., France, Spain, Sweden and Portugal to discuss this theme. Our panel of speakers comprises the different areas areas related to the treatment of this form of oncologic disease – surgery, oncology, interventional radiology, hepatology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy – as well as researchers active in this field.

Seldom has there been the opportunity to gather in Portugal such a panel and exhaustively discuss the array of therapeutic options in liver colorectal metastasis and their relative role as a function of the stage of the disease and the response to previous treatments.

Registration details are available at We invite you to join us at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown on November 18th!

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Imaging Hallmarks of Cancer - 28th - 29th October - Lisbon

16 years after his seminal Cell paper on 'Hallmarks of Cancer', Prof. Douglas Hanahan will be in Lisbon on October 28th and 29th as the keynote speaker in an international meeting on 'Imaging Hallmarks of Cancer'. Co-authored with Robert Weinberg, Hanahan's 'Hallmarks of Cancer' paper is among the most cited papers in the field and has influenced the study of cancer and the development of therapeutics for more than a decade.

Prof. Hanahan will be the Keynote Speaker in a meeting organised by the Champalimaud Foundation and the European School of Radiology. Organised by Prof. Celso Matos, this event is aimed at both medical professionals and cancer researchers, with the discussion covering an overview on the potential of imaging biomarkers in clinical research and application in oncology. Participants will discuss the challenges and potential of these imaging modalities to drive forward advances in this area, demonstrating the synergies that result from a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of cancer.

To discuss these issues, Prof. Hanahan will be joined by a multinational and multidisciplinary group of world-renowned oncology experts. Registration and programme details available at: .

See you on Friday!
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