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Lauren Duke
Part-time Registered Nurse/ Stay at home mom
Part-time Registered Nurse/ Stay at home mom

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Job Loss
I haven't blogged in forever. Close to 6 months.  Turns out homeschooling and working and mothering takes up a lot of time. At the end of the day, I don't really want to do anything else except sit and relax. But God has been just extraordinarily kind and g...

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I'll never do that!
I remember before we had kids, Justin and I both said we never wanted to homeschool. It was fine for all the other people who want to, but not us. "I'll never, ever, ever, EVER homeschool". Meanwhile, God was all like "Mmmhmm" And obviously, never say never...

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Bedtime sweetness
Shepherd is crazy and wild, which makes our bedtime snuggles even sweeter. He ALWAYS wants me to put him to bed and I'm going to lie...I love it. We sit in the rocking chair and sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "Jesus Loves Me", "Your Are My Sunshine",...

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Happy Birthday, Shepherd!
Oh the second child! This post is 2 months later, but butter than nothing huh?! Weight: 26 pounds Length: 35 inches Favorite moments: Our slap happy moments right before bed, his sweet belly laugh when tickled or played with, seeing Him and Inara becoming b...

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A weekend to remember
For a long time I have loved Francesca Battesteli's music. When she released a new album this year, my bestie bought it for me for my birthday. It's so good and just like her other 2 albums, they just really speak God's truth to my soul. Not only do we both...

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A Birthday Letter
Inara, I simply cannot believe 5 years have past since you were born into this world so abruptly. I couldn't have hoped things would have turned out as well as they did! But God had different plans. I used to tell Mamaw I was never having kids because they ...

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Stitch Fix #4
 This is my fourth fix and probably my last one for awhile. My referral credit is gone and so is my birthday credit. So until Christmas comes or other people sign up under me, I'll be having a hiatus. PS, the few people who have signed up under me are amazi...

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Stitch Fix #3
I figured since box #4 is on its way, I should hop to it and blog about my 3rd box. I asked them to send me a few dresses because I was going to wedding. I thought it would be fun to try something new! So what is Stitch Fix anyway? Well I'm glad you ask. Ev...

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18 Month Update
I can't even believe my baby boy is 18 months old. Technically he's 19 months old, because I can never get his WCC done on time. And I am super behind and never published this, so now he's technically 20 months old! Whoops! Weight: 24.5lbs Length: 34.5in Fa...

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What's in Our Box?
In the last post , I shared how awesome and life changing the boxes can be for kiddos. This post is more about what to pack in your box. I figured I would show you guys how easily it is to pack a box filled with items to change a child's life and how to do ...
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