"Active Rest" Vs. "Passive Rest" In Tendon Healing

"Absolute rest is rust. All tissues, particularly injured tendons, require tension and motion to maintain health."

"Active Rest - While rest is important to enhance the healing process, it is important to understand that rest is best defined as the absence of abusive activity, not absence of activity."

"Total immobilization is obviously contra-indicated as it results in muscle atrophy, weakness, and decreased blood vessel supply."

"More specifically, immobilization at the elbow results in limited mobility, joint stiffness and can lead to loss of motion and function."

Dr. Nirschl seems to against the type of brace or splint that immobilizes the entire elbow, but in favor of the 'Count'R-Force' - type brace that allows full mobility of the elbow in the treatment of Tennis Elbow.
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