Hello everyone, I wanted to pause from working on QuickPic and address some of the concerns that have arisen from QuickPic being acquired by Cheetah Mobile. 

First, QuickPic is an app I've worked very hard on for the last several years. I'm very grateful that so many people use it and love it. But, in all honesty, having those same people leave 1-star reviews so quickly was very discouraging and disappointing. I have no intention of abandoning QuickPic, in fact I didn't just sell it off, me and the original QuickPic team have joined Cheetah Mobile to continue developing the app—but now with the resources to make the work sustainable.

Here are the important things to know about the future of QuickPic:

* QuickPic will always be free
* The same team is still working on the app
* We won't increase the number of sensitive app permissions requested
* Ads won't be coming soon
* New features will coming

We're on the same development path as before so you won't see things like app permissions change. We're also working on bringing features like photo editing and free cloud storage to the app in the near future. 

While I'm talking about QuickPic and some behind-the-scenes workings of the team, there are a few things I wanted to say about independent app development.

I don't think most mobile users understand the hard time small and independent developers face trying to follow our passion creating these apps. To make a great mobile app takes a lot more time than it may seem. To continue supporting it and keeping it updated is equally as hard. The QuickPic team always had the dream of being acquired by a company with plenty of resources so that we could continue this work, but other companies didn't care about us the way Cheetah Mobile has.

The enthusiast Android community too, doesn't seem to understand the realities of monetizing these apps. It's very hard to get enough people to pay for an app. Including a donation button is a good idea, but only ever provided us with a few dollars. This isn't meant to be harsh, only to inform our fans and users about the realities and why we are happy to join Cheetah Mobile.

Cheetah Mobile has contributed a lot to Android and fixed many issues that Google and many smartphone companies could not. The fragmentation of the Android system is getting increasingly serious which could sabotage all Android users’ experience in the future. With the help of a company like Cheetah Mobile who is dedicated to solving problems and improving the Android ecosystem, I sincerely believe that QuickPic can grow faster and better in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded QuickPic and has given it a chance. I hope this eases any fears you might have and hope that you'll continue to be QuickPic users. 
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