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Well that post electrical fault repair company (they're called Haste Ltd not Shield) replaced a TV, still waiting on them for the dishwasher. They replaced the AC adapters for the laptops and then they actually tried to tell me that laptops won't work without a battery (battery was damaged). After calling their bluff about 'talking to the boss/a computer technician' showing them a laptop that worked without a battery and saying that if they brought me one that wouldn't work without a battery that I'd eat it. They eventually took the laptop away for repair.

I know this isn't over they'll come back to me with more crap soon, I had a feeling they'd be awkward with the laptops.

I wish application markets had a means of measuring the technical competence of users so I could work out whether the app sucks or if the people complaining are just retarded.

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Basically how does the judge not granting an injunction on one patent and not being specific about the other three become "Samsung tablets infringe Apple's patents". Seems like an inaccurate and editorialised title to me.

From the bottom of the article:

"At the hearing on Thursday in a San Jose, California federal court, Koh also said she would deny Apple's request for an injunction based on one of Apple's so-called "utility" patents.

She did not say whether she would grant the injunction based on three other Apple "design" patents.

Koh characterized her thoughts on the utility patent as "tentative" but said she would issue a formal order "fairly promptly."

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printf ("Goodbye world.\n");

#define C

Dennis Ritchie a C and Unix pioneer has died and we'll hardly hear about it unlike the dianaesque media frenzy of Steve Jobs.

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Basically Computer Science/IT (why the hell do the government insist on calling it ICT) education in the UK is now crap and only covers proprietary office packages. Those teaching it know less than the students, apparently only 19% of Computing teachers have relevant degrees - ICT in Schools - Newsnight - BBC Two England - 10-10-2011 - also has a bit on the Raspberry Pi.

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Okay this looks like the perfect Zombie fortress -

O2 don't have delivery reports, what crap is that. Now I don't know if my messages were received.
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