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Justin Houk
World builder. Software developer. Gamer. Husband and father. Too busy to put much more here right
World builder. Software developer. Gamer. Husband and father. Too busy to put much more here right

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It CAN make sense
Would it have killed my Math Teacher to have this Animation Ready when teaching about Radians?
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The radian is the standard unit of angular measure, used in many areas of mathematics. An angle's measurement in radians is numerically equal to the length of a corresponding arc of a unit circle, so one radian is just under 57.3 degrees (when the arc length is equal to the radius)
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Hi everyone!  I'm thrilled to announce that the product I have been working on for the past year has been shared with the world this morning during the Rapid7 UNITED conference.  I'd like to introduce Rapid7 UserInsight, formerly known as Razor!

Everyone I've demo'ed this to today has been super excited about the new level of visibility we're bringing to the table with this tool.  Tell your friends and tell your organization's security team!

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Congratulations to the National Space Society on reaching its goal to get its new video funded on Kickstarter! I hope other space enthusiasts will join me in helping the NSS reach its stretch goals. To the stars, indeed.

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Hi everyone!

I don't talk about it much, but the human settlement of space is one of the things I care the most about for a variety of reasons, even if it hasn't been able to gain much traction in recent decades.  O'Neill's "The High Frontier" ( is a great read on how we could have followed a very different path from the 1970s towards becoming a spacefaring civilization.  Like other members of the National Space Society, I will never give up on this dream.

Today the NSS announced that it is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new video to promote the value of space settlement to modern society.  I hope you will take a look at the Kickstarter campaign, and if it speaks to you, please contribute!

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social networks. Crossing the

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Hooray! One of the best parts of closing out the year is a new United States of Pop. For my money, 2010 is still the year to beat. Your favorite?
Not exactly a purist's holiday tradition, but our family looks forward to Earworm's version of a "year in review" every year...  Awesome mix...

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Awesome! The Middle Earth cookbook (Medium Rare and Back Again hee hee) Kickstarter by +Heath Dill got written up in Wired!

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Disney Just Bought Lucasfilm for $4 Billion -

You know you're working on cool stuff when your Gmail ads are for Hadoop Map/Reduce add ons.  That is all.
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