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With the additional power the Xbox One X brings, will it really make a difference in future games? That meaning games running at 1080P at 60fps? At least that's what's important to me. I really don't care about 4K as it really issue mainstream yet. What are your thoughts?

Anyone having issues redeeming their collectors edition code?

Will the #XboxOneX really be on par with a high end PC? No doubt it's the most power console to date, but will it really handle intense gaming in 4K res @ 60fps? Reports are conflicting.

If you own an #iPhone7 or #iPhone7Plus, do you plan on upgrading to the iPhone 8?

Any Switch owners out there.... are you having issues getting breath of the wild amiibo to work? I haven't been able to use my in days! I keep getting the message, "this amiibo can't be used again today." Even though I haven't used them in nearly a week.

Android N hasn't been pushed to my 6P yet via OTA, what do I need to do to get it to load?
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The Note 7 has received raved reviews! However there are also reports of performance issues. Phones that like the Moto Z, One Plus 3, even the 6S noticeably out performing it at near every stag. Any of you Note 7 owners experiencing noticeable lag, stutters, crashes? I ordered the Note 7 from Samsung since AT&T wouldn't allow me to buy it, it just hasn't shipped yet. I would like your input on whether I should cancel my order, or keep it.

Any news on #Duo and #Allo? I don't know why I excepted Google to release these new video and messaging apps early on in the summer. Not to mention it is said #Hangouts and #Messenger will be going away soon. As Duo and Allo is said to be the default apps in #AndroidNougat. Thoughts?
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What are the chances of #Hangouts and the stock messenger apps eventually going bye bye, once #allo and #duo are up and running?
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