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John Gravitt
Work: Global Novations, LeTourneau University, project management ~family,boardgames, discgolf
Work: Global Novations, LeTourneau University, project management ~family,boardgames, discgolf


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Krubera Cave, Abkhazia, Georgia 

Is the deepest known cave on Earth!

#amazing   #travel   #havetoseeit   #beautiful   #Georgia  
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I'm thinking about using IndieGogo for a book so I'm trying to learn what I can about Crowdfunding. Check out this infographic.
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Enjoyed a couple of games of Arctic Scavengers yesterday. I don't play a lot of deck builders but I enjoyed this. Here's a review from Shut Up and Sit Down.
Review: Arctic Scavengers
Review: Arctic Scavengers

When your wife asks, " Why don't we host a marathon boardgaming session for New Years Eve?" You never say "no." Hit me up if you are in the Atlanta area. We are in Suwanee. I hope to play a couple of the following:
Through the Ages
Dominant Species
Struggle of Empires
Battlestar Galactica
El Grande
Power Grid

I wish I felt more confident asking for upfront testimonials or blurbs. Any tips?

Hi all. I was diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer last year. I've had my inconvenient but life-saving colostomy and I'm on maintenance chemo through February. I'm near Atlanta, Georgia.

Hi. I'm a boardgame geek with an active meetup in Suwanee, GA. I love Atlanta's DragonCon, elearning gamification, video games, and gadgets. Thanks for this group.

On Monday, I'll have about half my radiation and chemo regimen completed.  This week I've needed neither pain medication to sit down nor anti-anxiety medication to sleep.  I'm reducing the toxicity in my life: processed sugars, artificial sweeteners and flavors, carbonation, most red meat, cynicism, sarcasm, ingratitude, and pride.  I'm closer to God, my fiancee, and my family.  Life is good.
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Eva beat me at Neuland last night.. Due to building color placement constraints, we had to end it before she got to 18. I have the original version and I need to double-check the rules for what is an action.

Does anyone else play this as a two-player game?

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I saw most of Oblivion last night at the Movie Tavern in Suwanee.  I had to go to the bathroom during some of the "good" parts.  I miss the Alamo Drafthouse but this will do as a nice substitute.  Their food and beverages were almost as good as Alamo's.  I think the seating was more comfortable.
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