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Your time is valuable. It is the most valuable resource you have as it is non-renewable. Do you have enough time in the day to do everything you want to? Probably not. 

You’re not alone.

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Phones light up with the latest meaningless event, the latest email, photo, tweet, and more. Do you need to see that alert right now? It’s easy to lose focus. But what happens when we do? What does it do to our work and our life?

• We can't operate at our full potential.
• Projects take longer than they should.
• Meaningful interactions with friends and family get interrupted.
• You aren't experiencing the life going on around you as you could.

Improve Your Productivity with these Seven Tips

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Not a good outlook. What if all devs banded together and didn't support any version of IE until they were more responsible and followed standards? That'd be awesome.

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Is it odd that I didn't even read this article, but noticed that there is Ketchup on the table and no one even used it?,21086/?utm_source=recentnews

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What an extremely non-traditional business model. I'm interested to see how this evolves as time goes on. Foundation 08 (Quick Update w/Philip Rosedale)

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