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Empowering Through Action
Empowering Through Action


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Master Pattison and the Instructors of the Center for Martial Arts want to make this an impactful summer for all. We are looking to really work on impact drills using targets and gear, which everyone loves, in hopes of truly impacting people's lives physically and mentally.

This increased focus on the physicality of techniques will help build everyone's technical ability and power while learning about yourself and others through the holding of targets further developing inner strength. This summer is designed to build confidence in so many areas that may be used in all parts of life.

In thinking about what we really do here at CMA, we decided to adjust our guiding statement from 'Traditional Martial Arts, Modern Methods' to 'To Empower through Action.' The Center for Martial Arts strives to empower individuals, families, and the community through action being taken by everyone involved.

Empower - 1. To give (someone) the authority or power to do something.
2. To make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.
Action - 1. The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.
2. A thing done; an act.

We hope you are able to join us as we impact the world in positive ways.
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Hello CMA Students and Families,

As many of you know, back in January, I traveled to Connecticut for a training event. This really was an opportunity to met and learn more about the people within a Tang Soo Do Association that we were thinking about to be part of.  We trained very hard, laughed, and I truly enjoyed the visit.

I am happy to announce that the Center for Martial Arts has become part of the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association.  This decision was made with the input of all of the Instructors and Masters of CMA.  After much consideration it was unanimously decided that this would be a great step forward for all the members and families of CMA.

Being part of the TSDMGK Association opens the door for even greater growth potential for everyone in CMA from the newest white belt to the senior most Master. Exciting new curriculum will be introduced over time which will: consolidate some of the self-defense we already practice into larger combinations, further our modern Tang Soo Do knowledge, and build more on the use of a variety of weapons used in the martial arts.  In time we will also be aligning our belt system to match with the colors utilized by the majority of the world wide Tang Soo Do community.  This will be something that happens over time as each student advances to a new level.

Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan
I am very excited as I look into the future for the Center for Martial Arts, it's students, Instructors, Masters, and community.  Should you have any questions, please contact me directly as I would love to speak with you and help make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone. Thank you, and Tang Soo!

Mark W. Pattison
Sr. Master - The Center for Martial Arts
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Today we got our sign up at The Center, just in time for a season full of heavy training as the summer has come to an end. The final touches are falling into place right at the year-and-a-half mark for the new studio. Come bask in the radiance of our new sign and be sure to (not) let Master Pattison know if its crooked!
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After the awesome Gup testing last weekend many students are starting this summer off with a new belt or stripe! They are not alone, there is also the semi-Private make up test this Tuesday followed by Instructor training on Wednesday which will replace studio classes. After that its all about the beach.. er.. studio!

Summer camps at CMA are a mixture of karate and games. Each year they are different but there are always extra surprises that cannot be experienced during regular classes at the studio. (Anyone remember the epic super soaker battle?) This summer there will be six weeks of summer camp to choose from, take a look:

Important Dates:
06/07 Gup Testing
06/10 Semi-private Testing - No studio classes
06/11 Instructor Training - No studio classes
07/04-05 Independence Weekend - No studio classes
07/14-18 ENC Summer Camp 1
07/21-25 CV Summer Camp 1
07/28-01 ENC Summer Camp 2
08/02 Mandatory BB Session + Instructor Training
08/04-08 CV Summer Camp 2
08/11-15 ENC Summer Camp 3
08/18-22 CV Summer Camp 3

Check back soon for Sr. Master Pattison’s June Challenge...
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We are now in May at the Center for Martial Arts with only two weeks remaining before the 2014 Dan Testing. As black belts are getting ready for their test, Gup students are also working hard and practicing for theirs in June. Even if you are not testing this time around, please come in to train and support your fellow instructors, assistant-instructors, and class-assistants in the final phases of their preparation.

Important Dates:
05/03 Mandatory Black Belt Class + Instructor’s Training
05/17 Black Belt Testing (studio closed)
05/26 Memorial Day (studio closed)

Building off of last month’s idea of daily-challenges, this month’s challenge will only take 2-3 minutes out of your day. The daily challenge for this month consists of two sets of four activities for twenty seconds each:
SQUAT THRUST JUMPS (20s) (twice)
JUMPING JACKS (20s) (twice)

Thirty days is a long time so if this challenge becomes easy, why not increase to three sets a day? Tang Soo!
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Thanks to all the enthusiasm and support of students, family, and friends in the CMA community, the Madness challenge has been conquered! We steamrolled through our one-million mark with two days to spare, giving us an extra fifty-thousand repetitions.

Let us continue the momentum into this month’s challenge of 100-kicks-a-day. This April CMA asks for one hundred kicks each day from each student (even if there is no karate class that day). Take advantage of this month to make your kicks higher / faster / stronger / and more accurate...

Get ready for the spring break Tournament-Style Camps during the second and third week of April. Both weeks will cover various categories of competition such as an empty-hand forms section, weapon demonstration section, and the iconic sparring section, all leading up to the big tournament at the end of the month.

Important Dates:
April 7 - 11 Spring Break Camp in Carmel Valley
April 14 - 18 Spring Break Camp in Encinitas
April 26 Spring Tournament (at the Center for Martial Arts in Encinitas)

In what section do you want to compete? Tang Soo!
#SpringBreak   #Tournament   #CMA  
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This month may have the most demanding challenge yet! During the month of March at CMA we are faced with three categories of isotonic exercises: push-ups (of course!), sit-ups (why not?), and squats (uh-oh...), that all count toward the challenge. What’s the magic number you ask? One. Million.

That’s right, we’re going for 1,000,000 repetitions of either push-ups, sit-ups, or squats. There can only be one word used to describe such a challenge, MADNESS. If “one million” seems slightly intimidating, try regarding it as “one-thousand, thousands”. Still intimidating? Perhaps try “one-hundred of one-hundred, hundreds”. Oops, did that make it worse?

Hmm well we better get started! Master Pattison swiftly calculated that each person must execute at least 300 reps each day to collectively fulfill our mark. Now this number is subject to rise if we fall behind, so every day counts! This number drops, however, with the more people we recruit to take part in the challenge, so start challenging your friends and family to join you and join us.

Notice that there are no parameters on what types of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats we need to do. That means we can mix and match a variety of exercises i.e. v-sit-ups, bicycle sit-ups, diamond push-ups, clapping push-ups, weighted squats, tip-toe squats - in fact we’re going to have to keep changing it up if we want to last till the end of the month.

This is going to take each and every one of us working together and being the strongest team we have ever been... Welcome to March, are you mad? Tang Soo!
#MarchMadness   #OneMillion   #CMA  
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Now at the halfway point in February, the spring Gup test is quickly approaching us. Test papers are typically given out within the final two weeks prior to the test, to students who work hard by attending class regularly; having strong involvement with the instructors; and substantiating their Tang Soo Do spirit...

As Master Pattison says, “Belt tests do not occur once every three months, but every day, in the studio, on the training floor.” The regular test will take place at San Elijo Middle School on March 1st and the semi private test will be at 5pm at the Encinitas Studio on March 5th.

Important Dates:
March 1 Spring Gup Testing @ San Elijo MS - No Studio Classes
March 4 Semi Private Makeup Test @ CMA Encinitas 5pm - No Studio Classes
March 5 Spring Instructor Training - No Studio Classes

So keep up all the good work and we are excited to begin passing out test invitations towards the end of this month!
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Valentine’s day is all about spending time with the ones we love... Well if you’re in love with eating pizza, watching movies, and playing games, come spend the evening at the Center For Martial Arts on Saturday, February 15th!

Valentine’s weekend movie night (or parent’s night out) is a chance for kids to spend some time with their fellow classmates and get to know their instructors outside of karate class. If they already plan to spend their Saturday with friends, bring them too!

CMA Movie Nights welcome everybody, students or non-students, of all ages to come have fun in a safe environment at our Encinitas location. We will be screening the movie EPIC, click to veiw the Epic (2013) Trailer.

Event Details
- CMA Link:
- Ages 4 and older welcome to join, friends and/or family!
- Drop off: As early as 5:30 PM
- Adds $15 / half hour, if dropping off earlier than 5:30 PM
- Last pick up: At the latest 11:00 PM

Have a kicking Valentine's day!
#MovieNight   #ValentinesDay   #CMA  
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Have you heard of this month's Plank Challenge?
Master Pattison impels everyone at CMA to take on the task of accumulating 2 hours (120 min) of planks before the end of the month.

Planks strengthen and tone our core and abdomen, giving us greater stability and more power in our techniques.
How many planks do you know: palms, forearm, elbow...

Pace yourself, start off slow and then gradually build up.
Do this in karate, at home, at the gym, wherever you can – but keep track of your minutes.

Can anyone beat 2 hours? How about 3? Post your progress!
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