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Rick Hawley
Live, Love,Laugh, Do all of these with enthusiasm and Passion and NEVER, QUIT, EVER!!!
Live, Love,Laugh, Do all of these with enthusiasm and Passion and NEVER, QUIT, EVER!!!

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no brained please copy and repost!!!

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In our quest for happiness and the avoidance of suffering, we are all fundamentally the same, and therefore equal. Despite all the characteristics that differentiate us - race, language, religion, gender, wealth and many others - we are all equal in terms of our basic humanity.

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The feed is a very powerful weapon and controlling it is about to be the biggest battle in the history of man because the purveyors of hate
Actually hate the individuality and creative medm and the empowerment it gives indvidually and collectively oh baby why is ISIS turning to The feed to recruit and motivate the vulnerable with their ideology of hate.

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WOW! Lightning LS218 - the world's fastest superbike is electric

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A team of Clay Christensen’s fellows posed 5 questions to evaluate whether Tesla is disruptive. It’s not.

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I'm not a big fan of Kid Rock, but I love this song

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Mopar Muscle at its Ironfisted best Beautiful Truck !!!
Dodge V8 Pickup...

Well I am out and about on my extended trip, and today was pleasantly surprised to come across this awesome custom Dodge V8 pickup in the small town of Wentworth in NSW.

Unfortunately I do not know anything about this truck, which was sitting outside the local council building.

If anyone can supply more details, such as the models year, it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend everyone

Cheers from the road.....Steve

#Dodge   #pickup   #gottabered  
#fourwheeledfriday +Four Wheeled Friday by +Akhil Kalsh
+Kimberly Tweed +StPaul Herrmann +Four Wheeled Friday +Eric Hege +Virgil Cowen


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Stuart Scott Speech at 2014 ESPYS Jimmy V perseve…:
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