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can we get on with it?
can we get on with it?

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It's Friday, time to treat yourself! For a mere 99p, 99c or local region equivalents you can get the ebook version, readable on any platform, of some amazing scifi. Full of modern day tech pushed just that bit further and giving a vision of the future. I may have mentioned it before, but just in case you missed it, is there to be discovered along with the lead up to it with Reconfigure. Yes I did say 99p, and I am happy to share Roisin's journeys with you are that price. The first three chapters are there to read for free too. I hope you enjoy it. 

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Since writing both Reconfigure and Cont3xt, the past few months I have tried an awful lot of different ways to share the story. As I am a techie who builds with game technology it makes sense to use that in both the story and the surrounding sharing of the work.
I had already created some youtube videos, shared in some newer social networks and even painted up a virtual lambourghini car in Forza 6 on the xbox with the cover art so I could drive around in multiplayer races advertising the game. It even goes off driving in other peoples games when I am not there.
In one of the videos I showed the unity3d environment and some of the behaviour of digital objects that inspired the core of Roisin's ability to alter the physical World like a virtual world.
I just built a small sample in WebGL using unity and I am sharing the URL to show the sort of block view of the World she has to deal with as she learns the ropes of the device she discovers. Her app was called FMM V1.0 and it is here if you want to take a look. I am just trying to get people out there's interest using what I know. Blasting google ads and amazon ads around doesn't seem very effective :) 

Post has attachment A shout out to Emotiv in my extra footage video around my modern day Sci-fi novel Cont3xt

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Have a chat abut the follow up book to Reconfigure, out now called Cont3xt - Sci-fi with real World emerging technology pushed just a little bit further :)

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Yay :) has gone live my second #scifi novel in the #reconfugure series. Lots of VR,AR, games tech, adventure and some twists and turns with quantum computing. Roisin has her work cut out for her.

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I have joined the aptly hash-tagged Independent Author Network #IAN1 with my fellow authors :)
We have to stick together, there are a lot of great books out there competing for peoples attention. Mine is an #IoT, virtual worlds and social media sci-fi adventure, filled with gaming reference and a strong young female lead, in Roisin Kincade. It's on Amazon and their kindle reader apps work on most platforms, if you would like to check it out. 

Today I finished the final major content edits on the follow up Cont3xt. I just adjusted the book blurb with a few more words, though that may still change too has been updated. It now says:

Roisin Kincade once again finds she has to use all her gaming and techie knowledge to save herself, her friends and the World, from the Combined Corporate Surveillance Operation (CCSO), and the powerful cartels that run everything. She had been busy trying to change the CCSO from the inside, taking control in a very unusual way. The team had planned on two years of that action, but things do not work out. She finds herself rebuilding her interface to the quantum machine Ray K. This time with some serious upgrades, using EyeBlend. It is a high end augmented reality / blended reality interface headset. It makes the virtual reality rigs look dated. Field effect holographic style projections are mixed with state of the art environment sensing and image processing. Voice, gesture and brainwave interfaces combine to make it a formidable piece of technology, tuned to its user. It lets her see and manipulate the real World just like it was the Internet of Things, with everything instrumented. With the right adjustments and code it is the perfect tool to take on the imposing Commander Drake. Roisin is still inextricably linked to him, but in a different context. That link could become incredibly dangerous, or maybe just give her the advantage she needs.
Cont3xt is a twisting, interlinked, serendipitous science fiction adventure. Set in the near future, using real world technology and current science theory as an accurate base to embark from, the action rolls on.
Will she outsmart the keen strategic instincts of the Commander and his organisation? Will the upgrades work as the team planned? Time is running out and the stakes are high.

I am even more happy than before after putting a little bit of extra story twist in. The blurb describes a little of the tech involved too that features as part of the the book cover. At a time when the Oculus Rift is launching for real it is quite fun to refer to that technology and alike as old hat in comparison to the EyeBlend.
So I am just a few weeks, and a few other people reading it, away from publishing it live out to the world. Yay !

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Coming soon Cont3xt the follow up to #reconfigure

Post has attachment - Roisin changes the World with a swipe in this near future sci-fi novel.
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