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hi +Shermal Fernando i read ur blog about open cv its very nice and helpful. sir i have vs 2013 openCV2.4.9 and i use window 7 64 bit.. plz give me some help for configuration of opencv.  
nice video.. sir plz give me some help .. how to read/write serial port with VC++(open cv)
is want to detect color and send data on serial port.
can u tell me how to dd two images or videos in single window in open cv C++ (linux)
hi shermal,  I need help for object detection and its urgent, could you please help me my email is
Hi Shermal brother, I make the full use of the pages, I really in debt of your great work. I need ur help in my project to rotate a 3D cube(opengl) using gesture (Opencv). I want to mix openGl with OpenCV....please guide me how I could be able to code the functions of OpenCV and OpenGL in one email is....
hello nice tutorial...can you tell me any tutorial for face recognition??for two images
thans for your reply...i have done face detect,capture but in face recognition not get any source..i want to compare two images same or not using c/c++
I can't help you now. I was in this project (showing multiple videos in a single window ) . 
can you suggest the website for this if you know?
Hi, good job. I'm working on a project and I would like to ask you for advice. How can I contact you? Please write me at Thanks!!
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