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The forever cry.
The forever cry.
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Rising up from the scratch
Rising up from the scratch
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This story after a long time! Please read.
When Love leads:
When Love leads:
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The wait for him with dandelions!

"Make a wish." He plucked me a little dandelion from the roadside while on our walk. His eyes carried the million graciousness over this added romantism.

"A wish?" I bit my almost dried lips wet as I make my eyes big as a response to his sudden command.

"Yes, a wish." He sounded bossy but sexy at the same time. "Just one wish!" He added.

"Okay." I dramatically made my lips to blow, closing my eyes. Yet I could see him watching me close, with an intense stares of pleasures and purities.

And it took me not more than a minute to remove all the puffs. The gentle breeze coming from the back of my side, messing my hairs, was of a plesant help.

"Now, tell me what wish did you make?" His voice was full of cheerful excitements. I am so proud that only I can see him this way, the way he acts like a little boy and listens like an old man.

"Wishes are to be candid. I avoided his deep blue eyes which may even sink two titanic. "I won't tell you." I was back to being a stubborn bitch that I am when he is around, and when I am being a puppet of his love.

"C'mon. Please." He made the face as if I am hiding a secret key to a magic box and refusing to open. He looked extremely adorable as he plead me and that has actually triggered me to go weak. I couldn't tolerate the sight of him feeling low.

"Alright, alright. I will tell you." I acted I am worth the champion that he just made me. "My wish was..." I paused a bit.

"Yes, your wish was???"

"My wish was...." I playfully paused again, admiring that fresh curiosities emerging from him.

"Tell me. I can't wait anymore." He took my face in between his palms, leaving me no choice than to stare at the dark blue eyes, perfectly lined lips and that only face I can clearly draw even if I lose my mind.

"My wish was...," I said with honesty and nervousness, "If I could get another thousand dandelions to make another thousand wishes."

"Oh, oh." His voice was almost breaking with concerns. "Do wait." He ordered me as he vanishes from my sight to pluck me the dandelions.

....and, here, I am waiting for him to turn up.
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She is gone, so I am!

"Stay." I whispered,
At the slam of the door,
When she disappear into the downpour,
Taking my heart along.

"Sorry." I shouted,
From the back,
Howling like the pools of pack,
Just to see her fading.

"No." I cried,
Like a savaged bitch,
As if my tears were the pitch,
To stuck her on the way.

"But...." She went,
Like the running streams,
Crumbling the whole of my dreams,
Beyond anybody could repair.

"Bamm." I fell,
Down on the ground,
Making a strange sound,
Never to rise up again.

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Good at goodbyes

Little did we notice,
The very signal of distancing,
When it started,
Mild and gradual;
The shortening of our conversation.

We didn't realise; not for long,
Up until that night,
When we fall asleep,
Without that regular ritual;
Of exchanging loves and nonsense.

Curse the life or blame the God,
The damage was way done,
There is no butterflies flying nor the fires burning;
When we talk of the day,
It was all a cold and nothing gold.

Because we vow for the immorial love,
We tried reshaping the loops and holes,
Expecting a better change; a better love,
But all to went in vain.

We did notice;
The replacement of conversation by the missed calls,
Yet it kept growing fewer each day,
And we were more a stranger each day.

...and now is the time,
I finally reveal;
The existence of a faded love,
Not really out of a brutal betrayal,
But...out of this fact;
That we both are good at goodbyes.

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