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Lynda Dietz
I'm a freelance copy editor, worship leader at a large church, and homeschooling mama who loves to read.
I'm a freelance copy editor, worship leader at a large church, and homeschooling mama who loves to read.

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Editor's Notes #29: Apostrophes v. Plurals
I think apostrophe placement is sort of like spelling: you either have the gift of it or you don't. This is not to say it can't be learned, but let's face facts and say that most people who don't "have it" will probably struggle their entire lives with whet...

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Editor's Notes #28: Parentheses in Fiction: Do They Break the Fourth Wall?
Breaking the fourth wall:  this stems from a theatrical term. The "fourth wall" is where the audience sits—they're basically looking "through" it when viewing a traditional stage with three sides. If an actor spoke a line directly to the audience, he broke ...

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Come and Visit Me Somewhere Else Today!
Hi, everyone! My friends at Writers After Dark asked me to do a guest spot this week, so you can find my real blog post over there today. It's called "Parentheses in Fiction: Do They Break the Fourth Wall?" Some pretty exciting stuff, eh? I live a wild life...

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Do I Have to Love a Genre to Edit It?
As a reader, I can choose whatever book strikes my fancy, and if I don't like it once I've gotten part way into it, I can simply stop reading it. As an editor, the "put it down" option is nowhere to be found. If I take on a job, I finish it. That's what I'm...

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Editor's Notes #27: Hooked On a Feeling
Writing fiction is all about plucking at people's emotional strings, whether you're aiming for tender feelings, indignation, laughter, fear, or any number of the bajillions of things that encompass the spectrum of emotions. How do you get people to feel wha...

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Can You See It?
When I read, one of the things I take for granted is that I can picture what's happening in the book as easily as if I were actually watching the action in front of me. Some writers make that experience richer than others, adding texture galore that rounds ...

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Holiday Break in Progress
I'm finding it more and more difficult to keep up with even reading other people's blogs lately, much less getting together a post or two for my own, so I'm going to do myself a favor and declare a holiday break . . . mostly since I'm already taking one by ...

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Better Late Than Never: It's a Book Review!
So hey, apparently I forgot that I was supposed to have a blog post ready for last Thursday. And didn't remember until tonight (a week later) and still didn't have something ready to go. Usually I'm a little more organized than this, but life has been happe...

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What Better Diversion Than a LEGO Project?
Today's post sneaked up on me. I even have a draft of what I'd planned to talk about, and apparently I never got back to it . . . and it didn't magically write itself. So instead, I'm going to toss out something fun that has (almost) nothing to do with gram...

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Editor's Notes #26: Chicago v. AP Style
One of the first things I learned when I began to edit was that I needed a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style . Over the years, it's been an invaluable tool for me, for everything common and uncommon while working on manuscripts. There's a reason why it's ...
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