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Yet one more example of how significant our lack of investment in education is...
Nancy Kaffer: Education in Michigan is not working. This is indisputably clear.

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A beautiful night for a ballgame and a nice win for the +Detroit Tigers​. 

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Whoa...I can't believe that something like this made it through a basic QC process.

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I can hardly believe that the NFL would want to influence the study...what could they possibly have to gain?

What a shady organization...

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It isn't as if we didn't realize that athletics were an anchor, but this is pretty astounding... And really logical suggestions on how to keep athletics without the general student population paying so much for it. 
The report found that each student paid $917 out of pocket to support athletics at Eastern.

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I haven't posted in too long, but thought I should share.

This story continues to amaze and sadden me each time we find out something new.

They could write a book about how NOT to handle a situation... So many poor decisions could have been avoided and so many lives left unaffected... 

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I always enjoyed this show. Sometimes I wonder how things would have been different if both he and Frank Burns characters had remained (or at least stayed a little longer).

I had always wondered what happened to him... Sounds like he was plenty successful outside of his acting career. 

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While we all suspected this was true, we didn't know the exact numbers or to what extreme this was happening.

I am proud of the education that I received, but am always so disappointed at how often my alma mater shows up in the news with stories like this.  

I get that EMU wants to have a successful athletics program and I understand that a successful athletic department can bring money into a university, but schools like Eastern are not going to be in that top tier to reap those benefits any time soon.

It seems abundantly clear that the leadership is not making decisions that will benefit the vast majority of the students and probably haven't in some time (at least in comparison to what they could be doing).

This just makes me sad...again...and again...and again...

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This seems like a cool concept for any science/chemistry teachers out there (or for kids who love each science). 
Check these out for your Science Classroom.

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I wasn't aware of this company, but looks like some real nice looking cases,especially since it's not too common to see nexus phones featured.

Maybe something you'd be interested in +JP Moore​? 
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