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LOVE? Where is the love that so many people claim to possess they have for another?? As far as I've known love in my life to go, it's nothing but betrayal, hurt, deceit, lies, and using what you can take out of a person then throwing them away as if they are the wrappings to your fast food lunch you just had. Why is it that the ONLY man I've known to truly and sincerely love me in my life was my father, Pop, who is deceased now for 3 years? I miss him. I really miss him. Everyday I miss him. If he were still here on earth he would say to me, "What's wrong with you? Why don't you have enough pride and courage to walk away from that asshole?! He doesn't give two cents about you, yet you STILL keep going back for more of his lies and deceit! I taught you to stand tall, stand strong, and to use your own judgement and choose what's good and what's best considering all people and factors affected by your choices and decisions you make." Why did it take me so long to see this lying, manipulative, abusive, and uncaring user for what he is?? Why didnt I put my foot down the first time he choked me? Why did I need this man so much in my life that i compromised who I am and what I've always been about?!! I know now that it was my denial and how i wanted to see him that I allowed myself to be blind to what kind of creature he really was, is, and always will be. My love was not love. It was tolerance for a creature that is a misfit in society and needed someone to care and help him believe he is somebody. Well, my faith in love is destroyed and I no longer believe there is anyone who truly cares about me and my well-being. No ONE that gives a shit that I'm homeless now with nowhere to go, no money to rent another place nor buy food, and absolutely not caring about walking down those dark streets late at night making me a perfect target to get raped, robbed, maybe even murdered. No one will miss me anyways..........
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