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Martial Arts for the Modern World
Martial Arts for the Modern World
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Sitting is a modern, man-made disease.

It creates a negative effect on hip and lumbar spine health. Another side effect is imbalance muscular strength.

So what? Why should you care?

How long do you plan to live? Hopefully a long time. Would you like to stay mobile until you die, or spend the last years of your life shuffling around in pain?

Great tip here from Manual Medicine expert Stephen Opper.

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Some serious #throwbackthursday from Yamaoka Tesshu.

You've heard it hundreds of times. Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Have intent in every motion you make. Without intent, there is no purpose. Without a purpose, you're brain has no reason to learn the motion.

And don't do the technique until you get it right. Keep practicing until you can't get it wrong.


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I once trained under someone who assumed the techniques were so good, every encounter would be over in one move.

Know what I learned the most from that training? That's a very dangerous assumption.

Improvising, adjusting on the fly... those things are important. So is not getting stuck when the "technique" you are trying to do doesn't go as planned.

Learn techniques. That's fine. We have 8 root techniques to teach basic movement patterns. But after learning techniques, learn to let go and take what's given to you in each second of an encounter.


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Did you know?

It's estimated that only 1 in 1,000 students will ever become a black belt. Nothing to do with a lack of skill.

When training gets frustrating, they simply quit. Nobody has ever achieved greatness- in anything- without the temptation to quit.

The question is, will you give in?

Go be great.

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Skipping the basics defeats the purpose.

Root techniques exist for a reason. We have 8 of them. They lay the foundational movements for defense.

Check out this progression from a root into more advanced concepts of interrupting timing.

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Talk about a group that worked hard!

After spending the first bit of the weapon seminar discussing and practicing some basics (timing your entry, weapon ranges, hip position, etc.), everyone put themselves to a little test.

Could they put it into practice? Yes... they did. Some nice successes after just 45 minutes or so in class.

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If a battle can be one, the best course is still to avoid the fight.

Krav Maga is notorious for the "fight." But that's not the essence of self defense. Awareness, avoidance, de-escalation... that's 90% of self defense, and something most Krav courses forget to mention.

Just my thoughts for a #motivationmonday.

Do you put as much, or more, effort into training to avoid the fight as you do to win the fight?

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Goggles and a groin protector. That's what a gag-article I saw said to use for effective defense against Krav Maga.

Not entirely true.... OK, so it kinda is.

#kravmaga #ashevillekravmaga #selfdefenseclass

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More than just martial arts...

Jackie Chan is a master of movement. Obviously skills practiced effectively for hours upon hours. How old is he now? 62, I think..

And he still moves gracefully.

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Surviving a ground attack entails recognizing 1) available movement patterns, 2) available targets, and 3) that principles don't change on the ground vs being on your feet.

Move the target; protect yourself; clear the attack; control the weapon (ability to punch in this case); move to a better position.

Easy? Yeah... once you learn to see it.

#techniquetuesday #ashevillekravmaga #kravmaga
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