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Phil Wolff

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An 8th grade student project assembles a blooper reel of elected official bad behavior to illustrate common ways to breach Oakland's and California's codes of ethics. Daunting, funny, scary, and proof that young people need an ounce of direction and for you to get out of the way. Cool and powerful things happen. 
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Phil Wolff

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Why is there no #Chromecast #SDK for desktops?

Is Google afraid other browsers will add #Cast as a feature? That Microsoft and Apple might build Cast into the OS so any Windows or Mac app can send to your TV without Google's permissions?

Or are they afraid of giving users control over their own media, of their own devices? With Cast's design, you can't show a video you shoot on your own PC without uploading it first to YouTube. You can't put a desktop game on your own TV.

And if you're a software publisher, or an indie TV, webisode, game studio, or movie maker, you must contract with Google before your viewers/customers/players can see your work on their televisions.

Meanwhile, Google is taking over your TV's HDMI input. You have to literally unplug your TV from a cable box, a game station, or your laptop to use it. This is a position of power. This wrests control of your TV remote from your cable company.

Google is making strategic choices, plays that put rivals at a disadvantage, that increase Google's potential for power.
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Phil Wolff

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With two different net neutrality rules, we'll be able to compare policies between Europe and the US to the effects on telecommunications industry competition, consumer protection, innovation, and concentration of market power.
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Phil Wolff

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"thoughtleader" discount code gives 30% off the ticket.
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Phil Wolff

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Just wishing Apple was open enough for CallApp Caller-ID app to be on my iOS devices and my Mac.
See info & pictures about anyone you communicate with by connecting your ph...
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Lorne G
Check out their webpage here:
Upper right says: "Be the first to test our iPhone App"
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If you do things on company time or use your employer's resources like a computer or its network, the company owns the work. That's the law in the US and some other countries. This is what lets employers read employee email, scan and filter employee web browsing, and log what they type.

But our work and digital lives changed while the law hasn't.

We tweet and post and share and answer and check-in and upload and friend and follow all day. Even at work. If we've a company–provided gadget, we use it. If we don't, it won't stop us from using our own gadget on company provided Wi-Fi. And this will get even more intense as the Internet of Things, wearable computing (like +Project Glass), and #quantifiedself converge.

We need to settle who owns your digital self. Who has rights to inspect what you do? Who has the right to take it away from you? Who has the right to give it to another person? To delete it? To revise it? To make public formerly private parts?

For example, +Chris Messina  created his #googleplus account while a +Google employee. He used his account in connection with his job, promoting some of the social media and technologies he helped make at work. And now he's left. Under employment law, Google may control Chris's account; delete it, retire it, even give it to another employee to keep up the account active.

What about you? Have you ever tweeted during working hours? Chatted with your family while your smartphone's using the company Wi-Fi? Your employer may have a claim over your accounts, your messages, your profiles, your contact lists, your data; your whole life.

While the NSA is supposed to get a warrant, your employer is free to install surveillance software on company-provided laptops and mobile phones, on company servers and its Internet connection, and even in cloud services it pays for. Many companies do, especially industries that are regulated, defense related, or cutthroat.

If you're wearing a smart insulin pump that sends your blood sugar levels to a server via wi-fi, your employer could know. If you look up how to whistleblow using a company issued laptop from home, your employer could know. If you're making plans with your family for the evening, your employer could know. They are authorized by your being an employee.

New #humanrights are emerging to acknowledge some of the truths about what it means to be a person with part of yourself in the #noösphere , in #cyberspace . At some point these should be civil rights too.

In my dream world, just because an employer provides you with tools doesn't mean they get to own you. Even a part of you. Their right to inspect should be qualified, subject to something like due process. Employer rights to control personal speech, even a tweet, should be limited by the right to tweet.

So how do we define the right to tweet? To be ourselves, even when at work? How do we balance an employer's need to see what employees are doing at its behest with an employee's need to stay connected and engaged with the rest of the world?

#privacy #privacyrights #personaldata #employmentlaw #civilrights #civilliberties  
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Thanks Phil for his valuable analysis:)
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Phil Wolff

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Google gets a bit more social, gets fresher data. Waze should get help expanding to more of the world. Mazel, Waze.
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Phil Wolff

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I'm so fed up with thousands of auth rituals each year, the interruptions, their cognitive burden. Just a morning pill to send the away? Easy.
Passwords: They’re everywhere, and most of us manage a half-dozen or so, at least. They’re also the weakest link in the authentication chain because humans aren’t great at creat...
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Until somebody invents a method to crack the token generator by means of a good firm handshake. 
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Phil Wolff

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Just wondering what sort of mind twisting had to happen among the adults and school district for this kid to be charged with a felony. When you make a mistake learning to program, you might crash a computer or breach security. Learning to write you may lose your reader or fail to make an argument. In the physical sciences sometimes you break physical things, burn things, make noxious gasses, or make things go boom. School is supposed to be the safe place to experiment and learn by doing. Sounds like the school is breaching its duty to this child and to all the rest of its wards.
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Phil Wolff

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Google's adding Google+ to many of its properties. So when do I get Google+ comments on my Gmail? When does Google Voice blend SMS and G+? When do YouTube comments become G+ threads? Blog comments are very similar to G+ threads so it should be interesting to see how this evolves as Google's various conversational media adapt to Google+ or bend G+to local contexts as G+ becomes the unified communications network for all Google users.
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I suppose the real question to ask is this: is all of this integration automatically good for users?
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