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Suzy Brown
Not dying of a brain tumor
Not dying of a brain tumor

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republican (n.) (UK) a right-thinking person; (US) a wrong-thinking person.

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who's the fastest? I heard someone got a 10.3...

I got Rolfed today! It was pretty cool. Like a very intense massage. Not exactly pleasant but not so unpleasant I couldn't zone out half way thru. I feel kinda beat up now, a little tender. Same as after a very intense massage. Rolfing works the fascia versus the muscle. Going back next week for another treatment! +T.C. Deane


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UNSANITY!!! I also "adopted" a pup. How does this work, what does this mean? The imperative to procreate is so strong we'll raise another species as our own? What is it about dogs???

(also remembering the gorilla who knew sign language, after her baby died, she expressed the want of a kitten for ages. even after she was given a young boy gorilla as a friend, still wanted a kitten)

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Hitting is mean, & I love Spiderman
کاش ما هم با آدمهایی که در حقشون بدرفتاری کردیم بتونیم اینطور برخورد کنیم

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Insane story of an author finding her story (published by Harlequin/ Mills & Boon) plagiarized, and then THE POWER OF THE INTERNET uncovers the thief as a chronic plagiarizer. She's done it several times, under several names. Just straight up stole & resold as her own, books published by reputable houses! Keep refreshing, it's still unfolding.
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