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It was 1980-81 that I was introduced to computing. The first class I remember was 7th grade ISSA and it was a filmstrip about binary math and RAM. We had one computer for the whole class -- it was an Apple II.

At UGA, the very first world wide web server for ran in a small computer lab in the basement of Boyd Graduate Studies. It ran on a Mac. I think it was a Quadra. Students would bring the "home pages" to the lab on floppy disks for us to put online (all unsanctioned of course). That would have been 1992-93.

From 1994 to 2000 at the College of Education Macs were a huge part of the culture where I worked. Apple sponsored our Linux events and loaned us computers. The COE was out in front of multi-media production and it was all on Apple. I got to visit the Apple offices in Atlanta when they had just bought NeXT and remember telling the focus group, "yeah, I absolutely want to have access to a command line." I saw them scribbling notes. OS X launched and would eventually replace my beloved Linux desktop.

On Friday I was at the Apple main campus in Cupertino. It's a company that's still inspirational to me because they do things with passion -- they do amazing things; they don't let research and the mass market convince them to do mediocre things. I respect that. A lot.

Steve Jobs, wherever you are, great work. I only hope you were able to enjoy your success. 56 is too young.

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Dear Lazy Web...

Any thoughts on speakers for a small room (12x12). This is my default choice.. got something better?

(FWIW Receiver is an Onkyo TX-SR308)

Ok, now that I'm in, I think I really see what all the fuss was about over Spotify. Making any track available for offline and wireless sync with iPhone are both very, very nice.

Wondering how to merge two google accounts. I just realized my invite to google+ went to my "old" google account, the one before I started using google for domains.

Bummer. Now everything I do on google+ is tied the wrong account.

The details:

I've had for ages, but I stopped using it when I realized I could use Google services for my even longer standing addy. I've never figured out how to merge the two, but here it is biting me on arse again.

update: Looks like Im out of luck.


Merging Data

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine two accounts or to merge data.

And From:

For instance, you won’t be able to move data from an account to your Google Apps account through this tool.
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