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Sick in the Head
            I like to
laugh. Judd Apatow’s work makes me laugh, so I keep seeing his stuff. It’s a
really complicated relationship.             In 2015,
Apatow published Sick in the Head* ,
pledging all profits to Dave Eggers’ tutoring and literacy nonprofi...

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Life of Pi
            “I was
alone and orphaned, in the middle of the Pacific, hanging on to an oar, an
adult tiger in front of me, sharks beneath me, a storm raging about me”
(Martel, 107). Yowza. This quote encapsulates Pi Patel’s struggles in the 2001
novel, Life ...

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White Teeth
           I’m taking an Introduction to Improvisation class, which
permeates my life such that I’m constantly (obnoxiously) looking at the world
through an improviser lens. One thing the instructor keeps emphasizing: not every
scene has to have conflict. W...

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Morrison first landed on my radar when Ta-Nehisi Coates included a quote by her
on the cover of Between the World and Me . As an author,
Morrison does not shy from slapping you in the face with racial commentary. Her
most notable novel, Bel...

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Dharma Bums
I didn’t enjoy On the Road ,
because Kerouac is a misogynistic asshole, and I have difficulty separating his
prose from his subject. He published Dharma
Bums* a year later, in 1958, and the improvement is staggering for a number
of reasons. In typical Kerou...

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            Anagrams can be pretty funny. For example, “New York Times” rearranges
to “Monkeys write”, and if you shuffle around “Weapons of mass destruction” you
get “US team swoops. Finds no trace”. Props to whoever spent the time figuring
those out, beca...

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A Brief History of Seven Killings
            A Brief History of Seven Killings* is
anything but brief, considering it’s sitting at a solid 686 pages. I knew that
going in—it’s not like there’s a Spanx equivalent for books. Still, some
lengthy literature doesn’t feel as long as it actually ...

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In the Lake of the Woods
O’Brien, how you have failed me! I need brilliant literature to get me through
the tomfoolery of this election cycle; unfortunately, you did not provide. I
really respect O’Brien as a person and an author. The Things They Carried is one of m...

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Lush Life
Okay, so you’ve seen The Wire, or The Night Of , or both, right? If you haven’t, don’t admit that to
anyone, and then binge watch them once it gets too cold to do outside stuff.
Both programs are excellent, and the writing is impressive. We have Richard

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Modern Romance
Ansari: actor, comedian, and…bestselling author? I liked Aziz’s character in Parks and Recreation, but I never though
wow, this Tom Haverford douche bag is really smart and articulate. Then, I
watched Mater of None . Game. Changer.
Aziz i...
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