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Lee Hynes
mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandma,arist
mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandma,arist

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Mum passed away 11.30am 26th April 2017

I collect ideas of things I could do on a budget, things I think are amazing and things I might do one day. I renovate on a budget.

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I am loving holding a newborn. Jack is an absolute delight!

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It's freezing here in CQ this morning, coldest its been since the winter Ron died (approx 2006). We have been having really mild winters. I forgot how the cold makes your body ache and how it made you hunger for hot food. I love to cook when its cold, stews...

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Political Change
Brexit: Britain to leave European Union, BBC forecas t                   Britain will leave the European Union, the BBC has
forecast, with counting in the Brexit referendum approaching the final
stages. The projected margin is 4 per cent. The Leader of th...

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Dream location
on 2.5 acres totally private waves crashing on the rocks an ds sands for the grand-kids, no traffic, 2 private beaches. For Sale by tender.First time I have seen it advertised in my 66yrs. If only we had a million plus it could be ours. Tanby Point YEPOON Qld.

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Baby Due
I can't contain my excitement . Its only a couple of weeks until the baby is due which means she could go anytime! this was a couple of months ago you should see him (Jack)now!

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Yet another Passing
I just learnt of the passing of a dear friend from "art camp". She was a lovely lady with always a kind word for everyone It won't be the same without her this year. In memory of Dell Nash.The world will be lasser place without you!

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Sad Passing
When my son Peters' marriage broke up he took in her step-father who was unwell.He lived with them for a couple of years and yesterday passed away.No longer in pain and resting peacefully in Heaven. My sympathies to his loved ones especially my son and gran...
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