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Leah Hughes
Mixed Media Artist & Registered Bee Keeper
Mixed Media Artist & Registered Bee Keeper

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Rust Dying
This is my first attempt at rust dying. My son-in-law brought me home a rusted spoked wheel from his travels in New Brunswick over the summer. The wheel didn't actually work very well but I love all the other rusted bits and how they permanently marked the ...

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Dispirited Restoration
Dispirited Restoration was made at the beginning of 2016. I was struggling to keep positive. It was all about feeling destroyed and I needed to focus on rebuilding. I came home from a particularly bad day at work. I went to my studio and just started cuttin...

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Felted Vessel
I made another loom knitted vessel. Below is the before and after felting. This time I tried doing a linen stitch so that I didn't have the distinct knitting lines. I added some stitches on the top by hand stitch because I knew it would be incorporated once...

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Fiber Optics 24/7
I presented the Group of Eight challenge for the quarterly due date of November 2015. This challenge was to be art that could be viewed 24/7. It had to have built in lighting into the piece or be glow in dark...whatever it takes so that the art could be vie...

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I've started harvesting the currants in our back garden. Black, red and champagne. Until the berry harvest in complete, I freeze them. At the end of the season all the berries will be put into a huge pot and jam will be made. This will include all the curra...

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Baby Blankie
I made this little quilt  from a workshop the Group of Eigh t hosted. Thanks to Linda Kittmer I was able to do a small quilt for my Grand-baby to come. My quilting days are over. I really have no desire to make them any more. I know that my years of quiltin...

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SAQA Stratford Perth Museum
I just visited the SAQA show at the Stratford Perth Museum in Ontario Canada, this past weekend. It was a wonderful show.  The piece below was my favorite piece. They told me I was able to take photos of the works if I mentioned the artist along with the pi...

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Levain Bust Out
Levain and I are no longer friends. This was the third feeding before I can use it in making my sourdough. I guess it's been such a hot summer that leaving it overnight made it bust out all over my counter. It took me an hour and a half to clean this up. It...

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Alice Vander Vennen workshop
The Group of Eight  hosted Alice Vander Vennen for a workshop in March of this year. Her methods are inspiring and how she processes and moves through her creation was fascinating for me. I find that my methods of selecting materials to use is very similar ...

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This work was completed in May 2015 and never posted. I've been away from the blogging scene for many reasons. This work was inspired by a friend that made a Bojagi piece after viewing an art installation at a local Fibre art show. It's a Korean technique t...
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