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This is the first episode of our podcast.
Me and my co-host Bryan talk about the release of the alpha, review the Kirk mini, and talk about PC Captain vs. NPC Captain.
We're still working on getting up on services like iTunes and Stitcher and what not.

Question from one of my players: which character would you describe as a "operations officer", like Harry Kim (himself a newly minted Ensign).
I was thinking Newman or Demir?

Podcast update! My co-host and I recorded on Black Friday, less than 24 hours after the playtest was released. We gave our initial impressions (a deep dive will be episode 2), had a great discussion on the captain (NPC vs. PC, plus a couple of other options), and I put my co-host (who is a miniatures expert) on the spot to to review the gencon Kirk.
Now I'm editing, which is a process I am learning as I go. I hope to have the episode up by this weekend. I'll be posting a link here once that happens.

My co-host and I will be recording the first episode of our STA podcast this coming week. Obviously, with the game still pretty far down the road we won't have a lot of specifics, so expect more of a general discussion of Trek RPGing.
Our first episode, we are going to get into the "Captain as PC vs Captain as NPC" debate, what we know about STA so far, and what we plan/hope to do with the show going forward.
If any one has any general discussion questions or thoughts they'd like to hear us get into, leave a comment here.

I'm starting the process of developing a fan podcast dedicated to Star Trek Adventures. I was wondering, what would everyone be most interested in hearing?
Live play?
Crunchy rules discussion?
Less crunchy, general discussion and news?
Adventure ideas?

Right now I'm literally just in the scribbling-ideas-on-a-notepad stage, so any and all input will be welcomed.

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