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Huttball rocks... I'm pretty much hated by Republic and some of the Empire because of this WZ in beta but its good fun...

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Huttball Trailer
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well, i've kind of stop playing Warcraft. I'll go back for the Halloween mount grind. and perhaps for the next patch. I'll definitely give this a try.
Its pretty good... a few bugs to work out but decent gameplay. I'm going back to WoW for the mount as well.
For a change, I'll probable try Sith side first. Probably an Inquisitor.
I've been playing an Inquisitor.... Sith Sorcerer. Its good... good storyline and pretty OP overall. Get the PvP gear as you level once you hit 10 and fast track your Class Questline.. you'll level faster and can go up to 5 levels above what you're rated at. Keep the slotted/modable lightsaber you get around 20 too.. you can upgrade it later. Stacking crit works very well.
Inquisitor tree has a lifegrip skill that rocks the shit out of Huttball... you can pull your ball carrier out of the pit and into the endzone..
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