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Like It ;)

What is Love?
Love is when two people touch each other’s soul.
Love is honesty and trust.
Love is helping one another.
Love is mutual respect.
Love means that differences
can be worked out.
Love is reaching your
dreams together.
Love is the connection
of two hearts,
…yours and mine!

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Awsomly Cool!
cute kittens and puppies to brighten your holiday spirit! enjoy! 
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Why are US media ignoring GMO mosquitos in Florida?

Officials in Florida intend to release hundreds of thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes as soon as they get permission from the federal government. The mosquitoes are (literally) designed to reduce dengue fever in Key West. 

The mosquitos have been engineered by the British company Oxitec to pass along a birth defect that kills their offspring before they can reproduce, thus reducing mosquito populations.

The initiative carries all the normal controversy over GMO anything -- some fearing ignorant meddling with nature and the unintended consequences that could result, and others believing that genetic modification is better than, in this case, the horrible consequences of dengue fever. 

What's interesting to me is that the story is being covered heavily by media in Canada, India, Russia, the UK and elsewhere, but coverage is practically non-existant in the US press, except for the New York Times, a couple of Florida papers and a smattering of natural-foods hippy blogs and rags. 

WTF is the matter with the media in the US?

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