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Laurie Haughton
Wife, Mum, Daughter, Sister, Christ follower, photographer, blogger...
Wife, Mum, Daughter, Sister, Christ follower, photographer, blogger...

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opened the door and light came in...
Took a pie to his face at the carnival yesterday Sometimes the answer is in the knowing. You wander around looking for a door in a dark hallway and keep stumbling into walls, hands in front of your face, you get tired, frustrated, scared, and usually bruise...

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Into battle
In true warrior fashion, Josh is going into battle today, a battle for understanding from his classmates.  He had to write a poem a few weeks ago called 'I wish' and in the verses he said that he wished the kids would understand about his heart and what tha...

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Laurie Haughton commented on a post on Blogger.
Thank you James. It is eye opening and it makes a lot of sense given what I have been reading since learning about this... Lots to pray for but at least we know where to start! I appreciate your families prayers for him!

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when the heart breaks it's not always physical
For the last six weeks, we have noticed some significant changes in Josh. He has become moody, angry, sad, and extremely tired. We have looked into all kinds of reasons, had many talks with him and yet it persists. His largest complaint is being too tired t...

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I wasn't crazy
I have two amazing kids. I love them. They bring joy and laughter to our home.  That being said though; it wasn't always so simple for me to say that. I, like many women, struggled with postpartum depression.  I had two very tough pregnancies, with Josh I w...

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Be advent.
As unreal as it seems we have once again come to that time of year when we need to sit back, watch, wait, celebrate, and allow the good news of Christmas and the coming King to wash over us, renew us; in some cases to breathe life back into us. It has been ...

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Happy Birthday (a day early) to the man who stole and kept my heart!
Almost 10 years ago to the date (Dec. 8th 2006) I was asked by the most amazing man I have ever met to join my life to his and be his wife. I loved him, I said yes and I haven't doubted or regretted that decision; but I have to be honest, when I think back ...

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It is us.
Tim and I were away for a week to the Dominican Republic for our annual 'just us' holiday. After the past number of months where anger and fear and hate made way for the deaths of many in the summer shootings, the mass shootings, the Nice tragedy, Paris, Br...

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Even LIttle Details
Writing is something I have missed, somehow in the busyness I have gotten out of the habit and it actually wears on me. Here's the thing though, Once I sit down and actually make myself think about writing it all comes to me in such a rush that I don't know...

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Get real.
I don't often use this forum to rant but when I do it's often because whatever issue it is has been upsetting me and the only way to feel heard and process why it's upsetting me is to write it down. This past week there has been a lot of furor at Sick Kids ...
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