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Teodora Petkova
A content writer in love with the Semantic Web and fascinated with the metamorphoses of text on the web.
A content writer in love with the Semantic Web and fascinated with the metamorphoses of text on the web.

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Content Writing in the Semantic Web (Course)
Building networks of texts within a web of people

I am finally done with something I started creating 6 months ago: my course Content Writing for the Semantic Web. The course is now live on Udemy. In a sentence, it is about approaching content writing from the perspective of the more and more interconnected web.

On this page that I am sharing you will find a bit more about each of the sections in the course. 

These lectures, the thinking and the writing involved in them, would have never been reality if it weren’t for all the knowledgeable and inspiring people I met on G+.

Thank you

I will skip pinging people by name and instead will send a signal of gratitude that I am sure will be received by everyone who knows and feels they have been nudging and supporting me all the way along this journey.

A journey that is yet another thread on a web, woven with "elaborate care" :)

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Semantic Web Informed Web Writing Advice
Work in progress

Thinking and headbanging :) on a deck of slides about writing in the semantic web. Any thoughts much appreciated.


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Writing in the Semantic Web [a tiny guide]

The guide does not contain tips, tools or techniques. Instead, what you will find here are understandings and perspectives for you to use when paving your own road to approaching web writing and making the best of it as a tool for growth, connections and more business.

Enjoy and keep weaving!

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That was a challenge to write! But then again the Muses gifted me the idea: "For the data worker having to deal with these messy data is not unlike the fifth labor of Hercules where the hero gets the dirty job of cleaning the Augean Stables." :)
Sharing in the hope to inspire someone to get to translating techy into plain English (to the extent possible) :)

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The movie Arrival from a from a linguistic standpoint

I was impressed by the movie Arrival, especially from the idea of a language that contains the concept that time is not linear.

After the movie I find myself thinking a lot about this idea. Still haven't read the short story Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang that inspired the movie (

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"Way back in the 1950s the philosopher Martin Heidegger warned against a looming “tide of technological revolution” that might “so captivate, bewitch, dazzle, and beguile man that calculative thinking may someday come to be … the only way of thinking.” That would come at the loss of “meditative thinking,” a mode of reflection he saw as the essence of our humanity."

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How I saw Metadata in an +Ontotext brief intro to the subject :)

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"With the world becoming increasingly data-driven, we’re seeing more and more visualizations make their way onto our web pages and into our design briefs. They help us tell stories that better engage our users, and can even get them to take some kind of meaningful action.


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Food for the eye :))
+Ron Serina got us covered.
(I want more pics :))

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Helping businesses do well
Silver Bullets Exist in SEO

There is no magical percentage of usage of keywords on a page that can automatically get it to rank higher than all other sites. There are sometimes people offering to sell or share the secrets to great rankings in SEO, and those people will often offer those secrets for a low low cost.

SEO can take some time and some effort to get it to start showing results; and it often can be mistaken for work.

I spend a lot of time looking through patents from the search engines; but it isn't to find some secret that will reveal how to rank above everybody else in search engines. Instead, it is aimed at helping me understand what else I can do or try to do that will help make more of a positive difference.

I also spend a fair amount of time looking at and learning about information retrieval; again, not to learn some secret that will help me rank above everyone else, but to give me a better understanding why some things just won't help, and why other things could help make a positive difference.

I've worked on a good number of SEO campaigns, as an inhouse SEO, an agency SEO and a solo SEO. Every SEO campaign requires learning about the client and their needs and preferences. Every SEO campaign also requires learning about what the typical customers of that client are like, what they tend to prefer; how they talk about the goods or services in question, what words they will most likely use to search with and expect to see on the pages of the site being optimized.

It is typical that keyword research will need to be done for a site, and keywords mapped to specific pages and content rewritten on pages to make sure that those pages make sense, and work as hard as they can to help the site owner meet his or her objectives.

Other improvements may be needed on sites, such as helping to speed up a site; making sure pages have images that are meaningful and have well written file names, Useful alt text that describes what the images are, and captions that explain the presence of the image. That text associated with each image can help the image rank in image search, and can help the page rank for the keywords chosen for that page.

SEO can be a lot of work; a project that covers many aspects of a website; and it is the accumulation of all of that work that will determine how successful SEO is for a site.

During an SEO audit to determine what types of things can and should be improved upon a site; other steps can be taken. If a site doesn't have analytics installed, those can and should ideally be added. If a site hasn't been verified for Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, those should be added. Both provide information that the search engines are aware of about a site, and being able to look at those webmaster tools, and analytics can help you measure how effective a site is being and plan upon making positive changes upon a site.

There may not be a silver bullet that can help a site jump to the top of search results, and bring lots of traffic and lots of sales; but with lot of successful clients comes experience in building well ranking campaigns and helping businesses do well. 
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