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Try One Of 2018’s Big Hair Trends

Ready for the weekend with a brand new Dsquared2 outfit? Well, the clothes are just the start of your going out look and, for us boys, the haircut is the next biggest consideration. If you’re sick of the same old look from your barber, why not try one of these new styles, heralded as the biggest men’s hair trends for 2018 by Fashion Beans.

The first look is DIY Punk, but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’ll need to shave a mohawk into your hair. The look is chopped up and a little messy - a great look for hair you’re trying to grow out a little, as it won’t work with super short hair. See Robert Pattinson for your inspiration.

If you do manage to get a little length in your hair, why not go for the long sweep? Rocked by the likes of Chris Hemsworth and even Brad Pitt, this slicked back style uses a product with a slight shine for a smooth finish.

Got a short style? Then the speedy soft parting might be the one for you. A favourite of Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling, it has a loose side parting, while remaining a little messy around the edges, which makes it great if you don’t have hours to get ready in the morning.

Fancy a change? Go for a bleached crop. Keeping your hair loose and choppy stops the bleach blonde looking too over the top. We don’t look to One Direction for style inspiration very often, but take a look at Zayn Malik’s take on this look for the best way to do it.

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Lacoste – Perfect For Your Christmas Present List This Year

One of the most enduringly popular and classic brands out there has to be Lacoste, a company that embodies everything there is about French elegance and serious style for the everyday wardrobe… which is why, if you are thinking of asking for a few clothes for Christmas, you could certainly do worse than putting it at the top of your present list this year.

The brand itself was first started by French tennis ace Rene Lacoste. Have you ever wondered why the logo is a little crocodile? Well, it’s actually because a journalist decided to make reference to Lacoste as The Alligator following a Davis Cup match following a bet between him and his coach over a crocodile suitcase!

The Lacoste style is obviously inspired by sport but with a modern urban appeal that will never go out of style… particularly not at the moment when the athleisure look is so incredibly popular. Who knew that being comfy would ever be considered the height of fashion? Praise be that this is the case, however! As Rene Lacoste himself said, “without elegance, playing and winning aren’t enough”.

So take a look at the Chameleon Menswear Lacoste department and make a shortlist of your favourite clothes and accessories to send out to friends and family.

We’ve got some top-notch jumpers in stock, quilted coats, pyjama bottoms, bomber coats, buttoned collar shirts that would be good for Christmas Day, caps, jeans, backpacks, polo shirts and lots more. What better way to start off the new year than with some new clothes?
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LATEST NEWS: Men’s Fashion Dos and Don’ts For Christmas Parties
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Just What Is British Heritage Fashion?

If you’re looking to adopt a certain sense of style for yourself, you could certainly do a lot worse than British heritage fashion… a look that never really goes away because it’s so timeless, looks good on basically anyone – and works especially well at this time of year.

For immediate inspiration and a few quick style points, check out the likes of Barbour and Barbour International. Colours are muted and classic, with patterns stripped back and not too outlandish, while the likes of leather and tweed as fabrics and materials are most often the go-to choices. Barbour International is perhaps aimed at a slightly younger audience but both brands are great choices if you reckon this is the look for you.

You should still try to give the look a bit of a contemporary twist so you don’t make everyone think you’re your grandad wandering around at work… so look out for the likes of a heavy wool coat for winter (a bit on the big side will help you nail the style) in a herringbone pattern and pair it with boots, jeans and a chunky fisherman’s sweater for a really stylish autumnal look.

Get yourself a pair of good quality Chelsea boots as well. These certainly aren’t just for girls and they look good with anything – anything at all! Good for work, good for play, good for everything…

Accessorising is actually the quickest way to get your heritage fashion fix if you’re not feeling flush at the moment. And with Christmas around the corner, who is? Check out Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders for some style inspiration – and then run out to find yourself a peaked flat cap for yourself. Finish the look off with a classic leather satchel, some thick tan gloves and a stylish scarf.
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What Should You Wear To A Wedding?

Armani jeans may not be your most typical wedding attire, but do you know what you should wear to a wedding?

It all depends on the dress code. These days many couples like to set a particular dress code so people know what they should wear. Here we decode the wording on your invite:


This means you can wear pretty much anything you want. The venue maybe the best clue for the type of clothing you should wear. Is it a camping trip, or are you expecting a barn dance perhaps? Let this dictate what you wear to this event.


This would generally be chosen for evening events, and means cocktail dresses (so nothing too long) for the girls, and smart casual for the men. Think grey or blue suits with a white or neutral shirt colour. You should also pick a necktie with smart patterns or just a plain block colour. Shoes are important here too so make sure you wear dress shoes with over the calf socks.

Black Tie

This is a formal form of evening wear and ‘may also be described as ‘dinner jackets’, ‘DJs’, ‘dress for dinner’ or, in America, as ‘tuxedos’’ according to Debrettes.

Morning dress

‘Morning dress should not be specified to be worn at an event starting after 6pm,” commands Debrettes, and this is why it is so popular at weddings. It will include a jacket with tails, a top hat, cravat and smart shoes. You may have to hire one of these.
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LATEST NEWS: 3 Strong Autumn Fragrances For Guys - A new season should always herald the dawn of a new cologne and now that we’re in the full throes of autumn, it’s perhaps time to shelve those summer fragrances you’ve been clinging onto. Here are just a couple of our favourite autumnal fragrances for men that’ll go perfectly with your Hamaki Ho clobber this season. Concrete Commes des Garcons, £115 We love the packaging of this fragrance as much as we like the fragrance itself! It comes in...
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LATEST NEWS: 7 Of The Best Haircare Tips For Men - Now that winter is well and truly on its way, we need to be as prepared as possible when it comes to grooming or our skin will dry out, our hair will look a right mess and people will cross the road to avoid us as we head off on our way to work. If you’re already struggling with your hair, here are some top tips to help you look your best right through until Christmas Day and beyond. Don’t go overboard Hair styling can quickly go from ok to...
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4 Anti-Ageing Products For Men

No one really likes the thought of getting older, no matter how much bravado they show. That first wrinkle can be pretty devastating but there are ways these days to slow the turning of the clock, thank God – so here are a couple of anti-ageing products specifically for men you might want to try if you’re starting to worry about what the mirror’s reflecting back at you.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
£56, Elemis

This won the Best New Anti-Ageing Cream For Men in this year’s GQ Grooming Awards so you’re onto a winner already. It’s been clinically proven to hydrate, firm and improve the appearance of wrinkles and has been specially formulated for men.

Bulldog Anti-Ageing Moisturiser
£8, Bulldog Skincare for Men

Bulldog is a great skincare brand because none of its products contain synthetic fragrances, ingredients from animal sources or artificial colours. Use this moisturiser morning and night, applying evenly to your face and neck after cleansing.

Clinique for Men Charcoal Face wash
£18, Clinique

Charcoal is a bit of a miracle ingredient and you’d be very wise to include it in your skincare regime. It delivers a really deep clean, leaving your skin feeling comfortable and fresh, with dirt and excess oil drawn out gently by natural charcoal.

Age Defender Eye Repair
£28.50, Kiehl’s

This product comes with rye seed extract and helps to correct ageing skin around the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles and resurface your crow’s feet to make you look a lot smoother and far more youthful. What more could you ask for?
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LATEST NEWS: How To Invest In Timeless Men’s Fashion - When you go shopping for a new item for your wardrobe, or even a new outfit, the level of choice can be overwhelming. Some garments and accessories fly in and out of fashion so quickly you’ve barely worn them before they’re consigned to the bottom of a drawer, but others stand the test of time. The key is knowing which items offer that timeless style and which are more of a flash in the pan. Don’t get us wrong, we love keeping up with t...
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Autumn Trends To Try

We're so ready to say goodbye to our summer wardrobe, and for autumn winter 2017 you can expect to see some trends old and new from your favourite design houses such as Vivienne Westwood and Hugo Boss. The team over at Fashion Beans have broken down the tops trends for the upcoming fashion season and what key looks to add to your wardrobe. - handy!

Moss green will feature this season, and is a great take on the more neutral winter earthy tones. Not so in-your-face as some of the brighter green tones from your summer wardrobe, but still a statement colour. This colour is great for layering an outfit together with some dark greys and blacks.

Keep your eyes peeled for the introduction of more tactile fabrics, as textures are a key feature. Corduroy and the classic herringbone fabric will replace the velvet which has been popular for a little while. Again, when creating layered looks, try implement a couple of textures in your outfit in muted colour tones of green and navy.

White is usually a colour you imagine bringing out in the summer, but this winter season expect varying shades of white, cream and stone tones in tactile, soft plush fabrics. A cashmere roll neck and teamed with a crisp lightweight jackets in these hue will work perfectly together.

Oversized garments will be big this season, when it comes to the cut of garments extra size will be added to knitwear such as jumpers and hoodies. The fitted skinny look is out for winter - go for longer fit coats and jackets in shades of grey, navy, green and black.

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