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Tim Wagner
A consultant, engineer, entrepreneur, and foodie.
A consultant, engineer, entrepreneur, and foodie.

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Oh Google+, I just remembered you again.

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Our first interview! Check us out in the Newton Patch!

Oh yea... I forgot Google+ existed. Hi all. Anyone on this thing??

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I dunno... Will Google+ really work? Part of me thinks yes. But the part of me that just went to Facebook to make an update for everyone to see and send a message to a bunch of friends doesn't think so. If you don't have the people and the familiarity it makes it a hell of a lot harder to work. People know Facebook. The average person knows nothing about Google+. I'm not saying it won't work. Just that I can't see my grandmother having a Google+ account.

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Back from a great vacation.
Vacation '11 (37 photos)
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Spotify == Napster?

I've tried out the free spotify thanks to +Eric Proctor. Is it really worth paying for though? Any thoughts anyone?
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