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Critical analyst - investor - writer
Critical analyst - investor - writer

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Bike touring in Japan
One of the best reasons to buy foreclosed property Japan is to take advantage of the fabulous infrastructure for domestic travel. We all hate paying too much, and in Japan, people have paid too much for 'over-capitalised' infrastructure that borders on the ...

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TPPA to rejuvenate Japanese agriculture in short term
One of the interesting aspects about Japan is the irony of the place. I say this for a number of reasons, among them: A nation that pays its farmers not to plant crops A nation, long famed for the most expensive real estate in the world, that perplexingly h...

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The US & Chinese equity market outlook for late 2015 into 2016
In my last post on 18th August 2015 I forecast that the US and China were destined to enter recession. The reason for saying so is the subject of this article , however it needs to be acknowledged that the recession is destined to be 'short-lived', or simpl...

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Andrew Sheldon commented on a post on Blogger.
Interesting the day after writing this artice, the Dow and Chinese Shanghai Composite Indices collapsed. The Dow fell to a low of 15,666pts before recovering to 16,285pts, after a 619pts rally (3.95%). This might give people confidence, however it is however a short term recovery. The Dow has upside to 17,000pts in the short term, however there is destined to be a string of bad news in the US, as we allude to in this blog post, that takes the Dow to 14,000pts. The Dow did not break out of a short term channel. 

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Outlook for China's equity markets
The Shanghai Composite index appears to be in a free-fall. I have just signed off on an article on our sister website 'Critical Media Group', where I describe the outlook for Chinese equity markets . Asian property markets outperforming   Japan Foreclosed G...

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The prospects of global recession heightened in the Dec-2015 quarter
The Dow Jones is coming under pressure at a time when market pundits are being told to expect a market recovery. What's new? There have been numerous opportunities for equity markets to go into a tailspin, but on each occasion asset prices (equities, proper...

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Political opportunities squandered in Japan - until now
Japan has over the last decade struggled to kick-start its
economy, though the current round of Abenomics is certainly the most persuasive reform effort yet. On the last attempt Japan fell back into a "triple-dip" recession (recording two quarters of negati...

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yep, seen it.
Thought you might like this, a pretty interesting documentary.

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