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Are you wondering why you hardly get any shares and comments? Are you looking for tips on how to promote your blog posts to get more shares?

The problem could lie with not having a blog post promotion strategy. You're simply not getting sufficient eyeballs on your content. In this post I give you ideas on how to craft your own promotion strategy and grab the cheat sheet to help with it! 

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Wish you could get answers to all those pesky email list questions on your mind?

They seem simple enough but you just can't get a straight forward answer right? You're not the only one. Click to get answers to 13 burning email list questions that every blogger has had at one point or the other. Download the guide that gives you 11 ways to get subscribers to love your emails.

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Are you new and struggling to get noticed?

In this post I’m sharing 9 things that I did and learnt about how you can get your blog noticed even when it's brand new. Doing these things will put your blog on an upward trajectory and get you noticed. #4 is an absolute must 

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Creating your first passive info product to take your blog business further?

Beyond the hype of how 'passive' info products are, there are lots of things to consider before you launch yours. Here are 11 tips to think about before you create your first. #4 is a must! 

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Are you launching your blog and looking for the best web host with great service? Or looking at switching to a better provider?

In this post I tell you why I switched to Siteground from Bluehost.

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What do you do to your blog posts*&before you hit publish*?

Do you run it through a system? Ask yourself 30 questions designed to ensure that your blog post is primed, outstanding and ready for engagement, shares and some Google love.

Print out the checklist and use it EVERY SINGLE time. #7 was a game changer for me! 

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You work hard on your blog.

But everything from your tiny list to less than 20 blog posts screams newbie!

Here are 11 simple hacks to build your authority and position yorself as an expert even if you're new.It's not magic. It's hard work with simple strategies. You definitely want to be doing #4!

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Want to turn your blog into a biz and start monetizing it? How are some blogs able to take it to the next level while others struggle in the process?

In this post I give you tips on 5 main considerations that will help you turn your blog into a biz before you’re even ready.

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Are you setting blog and business goals for the new year?

Wondering how to get focused and need tips on how to crush your goals in the next quarter or year?

In this post I talk about 7 ways you can stay focused and move forward when overwhelm sabotages your blog. Download the free printable to get started! 

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Are you a beginner looking to start a WordPress blog and make money blogging? Making your first 1K is a big milestone and this post I give you tips and ideas on how I made my first 1K blogging and how you can too. 
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