So apparently they arrested Banksy. Can anyone confirm this?
London, England — The England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter that for years has gone by the pseudonymous name of Banksy, was arrested yesterday by police in Lond...
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I know a guy who works in news; he's working on verification. I'll let you know when gets it. (Should just be a few minutes.) But holy shit, this is huge.
On the talk page on his Wikipedia entry someone mentioned the BBC as confirming it, but there's nothing about it on the BBC's website, so I'm cautiously optimistic about this being a fake
Oh god, he is so screwed if they throw the counterfitting charge at him. Even if they're parody bills, that's probably a years-long legal battle if not a decade in prison.
The PRLog article says that BBC confirmed it with his publicity agency. Seems legit. hahaha, We'll know soon enough, though. Fucking crazy news if this is real.
If the BBC confirmed it, there should be something up on their website by now, especially if they got him yesterday.
Seems fake. Press release also mentions quotes from CNN, and cites BBC as the "source." The idea that police had a 24-hour watch on multiple suspected Banksy associates also seems unlikely. (But the press release is getting quite a bit of linkage on Twitter, where Banksy is now a trending topic!)
Definitely strange. I'm going with fake for now, I guess.
I hope you guys are right. Gonna go lie down now. 
It looks like the original "PR Log" post has now been removed.
Boom, fake proved. Thanks, you guys. You're terryfyingly awesome.
The original source was a satire blog.  Looks like we got Onion'd.  Thanks for the followup everyone.
"No, I'M Banksy!"
"He is a fool, I'M Banksy..."
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