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60 terabitów na sekundę. Położy mi taki ktoś w domu?
Last week the FASTER cable, a new transpacific network link with a theoretical peak capacity of 60 Tbps (that's 60 million megabits), landed in Japan.  FASTER is a joint project between Google and several ISPs to provide, well, faster Internet speeds between the two regions.  The album (with pictures courtesy of give you a quick overview of how such a cable is installed.

PS: see how this was done in 1956 for TAT-1, the first modern transatlantic telephone cable (with capacity for 36 phone calls, or about 0.2 megabits):
FASTER cable landing in Japan
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+Brandon Badger #ingress

I'm following a trail of breadcrumbs and you seem to be the next link in this weird chain of clues.

It started this morning. I came in to work as usual and the entire office was buzzing with rumours - apparently, someone broke into our internal network (we're a pretty big corporation dealing with a number of high-profile scientific laboratories) - however, our techies said that nothing was copied from our network. Rather, the attacker left something on every single e-mail account on our server. This curious audio file:

No one had any clue what it was, but I recognized the sound as being similar to an Aphex Twin track, "Windowlicker" - at the end of the song he encoded an image of a spiral into the track using Fourier analysis (I think?), so it would show up on a spectrogram. So I downloaded Audacity and popped it in. Here's what I got from it.

Popping the image (cleared up a bit in Photoshop, so the hexagon thing is more visible) into Google Goggles led me to you.

So, what's going on?


Jeden marketoid ma w profilu numer telefonu i e-mail. Rozważam zapostowanie go na jakimś 4chanie czy innym gównie, które go przez to wystalkuje.

Drogi zjebie, który pragniesz mnie dodać: jeśli masz w kręgach pięćset osób, a pojawiasz się w kręgach dwudziestu, po próbie dodania mnie zgwałcę cię w odbyt zardzewiałą łopatą, truchło zdesakruję, ośmieszę publicznie i nasram na wycieraczkę twojej mamy. Zaryzykujesz?

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