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Cult of SIN...You'll Never Come Out the Way You Went In!
Cult of SIN...You'll Never Come Out the Way You Went In!

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I was recently asked what (if any) references are available to support the notion that ONA had Vampiric ties early on (80's). To my memory there weren't any and it may be confused with the Temple ov Blood's vampire current. Anything written post-80's would be a modern carnation using the Anton Long mask.

What say you?

Man, you guys are slacking. (3) Christian spammers and no one chased them off? LAME.

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Welcome to the shit show.
Don't like the content? Put your best word forward and improve it.

Don't like the members? Make em' quit.

I ain't your Mamma or your babysitter.

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In response, the usual comes my way.  “Then you can’t complain.  You have no right to an opinion!”  What a crock of shit.  I’m not an avid complainer anyway and I’ll dole out opinions as I see fit.  I’m of the opinion that voting is just a placebo of…

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Been a minute since I've checked this page. Here's some updates:

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