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Slitherlink puzzle game for Android devices
Slitherlink puzzle game for Android devices

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We just published an update to Slitherlink that completely removes all ads in the game! No menu ads, no game play ads, they are just gone.

As a consequence the rough location permission is no longer required as well.


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Guess what this is? It resulted in forty new hand-drawn levels, exclusive for Amazon Underground version of Slitherlink.

Based on squares and diagonals they look deceptively simple. But they are challenging. I think even small grids will give you a pause or two.

Give them a try!

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Slitherlink is now available on Amazon Underground platform with unlimited levels and no ads.

And just like all other Underground apps it is entirely free.

Feel free to give it a try!

Google Play Store versions are not going anywhere of course and they will continue to be updated in parallel. You just have more choice as to what version to play.

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Slitherlink v1.17 has an option for shading inner/outer sides of the loop in different colors.

This is one of the most commonly requested features that was missing from Android Slitherlink. Not any more!

There are now 4 shading implementations to choose from and you can disable it altogether if shading is something you find useful.

The default is somewhat "smart" 2-color shading. It puts the color appropriate for surroundings -- the same color across an "x", the opposite color across a line.

On large and huge boards it sometimes makes sense to mark up sides of a loop in the center of the field, where you might not yet know what side is the outer and what is is the inner. Try 4-color shading in that case. Once temporary colors touch the "real" inner/outer colors you can long-press on a color to invert and match.

For a tougher challenge feel free to switch to manual shading. In that mode colors simply switch in a loop and it is up to you how to apply them.

Comments and ideas are appreciated, as always.



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In version 1.15 of Android #Slitherlink  bookmarks are moved to the action bar. This makes them accessible without having to scroll the game field.

When a bookmark is set it now leaves a marker on the game field, indicating the most recent move before placing a bookmark.

The previous update (1.14) fixed intermittent failures on Android 4.3 related to a system bug in that version, but made the game slower on several other device models. This update works on Android 4.3 and should be as fast or faster than before.

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Version 1.13 of Android Slitherlink fixes an issue with zooming on double tap. Thank you to all who sent it in!

Another bit of good news is the complete removal of game play ads from the free version. As unobtrusive as we tried to make them the ads still made play time less than perfect -- so they are gone!

/// +Andrew Maltsev for Android #Slitherlink  

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Version 1.12 of Android Slitherlink is out.

Most importantly it moves away from the outdated "Menu" button typical for older Android devices and introduces an action bar on the top.

A sensitivity setting was added to address the issue on some Samsung and HTC devices where the screen would start scrolling too easily. There is a sensible default that works across all devices and it can be further adjusted in settings.

Does it work for you as well as it does for me?

//// +Andrew Maltsev for Android #Slitherlink  

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Version 1.09 of Android Slitherlink is out.


- Instant reaction when in double-tap mode, no more annoying delays. This makes double tap as useful as long-press, if not better.

- Double tap sensitivity has a better default and is adjustable in preferences.

- Better grid contrast on high definition devices and less jagged grid lines on all devices.

Power Tip:

- In double-tap mode you can long-press a line to change its color.

Have fun playing and please feel free to comment!

/// +Andrew Maltsev 

Version 1.06 is out, a bug fix release for pinch-zooming issues on some newer devices. Thanks to +Tyler Aas for reporting it!

/// #android #slitherlink

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Here is a couple of charts based on game scores --

Game scores are of course completely anonymous, the only thing reported is the time it took to finish the game. We do not know who reported that score.
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