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Heather Kraafter
Helping the world find their crafty bone, one inky mess at a time.
Helping the world find their crafty bone, one inky mess at a time.

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Tonight on The H&M Show +Michael Daniels demonstrates how he uses TEAM VIEWER

Be sure to watch live:

or catch the recording there too!
Tweet along and be a part of the show here using #TheHandMShow

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I don't really like watermelon as a food, but I DO love it as a painting subject!

If you missed the live show, you can watch the replay right here:

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I love it when Google+ makes changes for the good and SEARCH has been in need of a change! I love this - Thanks for the info +Leo Deegan GO GOOGLE!!!
New Search Features & Feel

Today, we’re rolling out a bevy of improvements to G+ Search — most visibly, you’ll find that typing into the search bar no longer interrupts your search attempts by taking you to Explore. That means that your results get to you that much faster!

That’s not all…
• A new, tabbed interface will make it easier for you to find the exact type of content that you’re looking for.
• In the posts tab, you can filter based on the post author. Finally, you can look back at your many years of G+ posting without being distracted by everyone else’s Neko Atsume updates!
• Popular Topics are now displayed in the search bar dropdown.

As always, let us know what you think and we hope you enjoy!

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In August (starting tomorrow) we will be doing WATERCOLOR PAINT A LONG each Tuesday.
You can download the image I will use as a Patreon:


You can get the download here:

Watch and paint with me LIVE!

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Just letting folks know, you can become a patreon supporter of the Kraaft Shaak and one of the greatest perks is that I get to spend a day with you!
Learn more, sign up and join us tomorrow!

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A big announcement gets YOU an entire package of mixed media goodness!!!!
Details below...
Dear friends of Kraaft Shaak and the KS on the GO! adventure...

I would like to send you a gift!

Yep, I want to send you one of our mystery packs - we packaged up a bunch of mixed media goodies into flat rate boxes, padded envelopes and so on and there is probably $30-45 worth of items in each one.

I do have them listed for sale on but I have so many left I am a little overwhelmed!

We need to completely downsize and FAST! So I got this idea...if you send a donation of $25 or more along with your mailing address to
I will mail you one of these packages!


We will be using the donation money to help pay for the adventure mobile, purchase filming equipment and Kraaft It LIVE! live setup equipment because we will be touring the country VERY VERY SOON!!!

Thanks for sharing this post and letting others know what we are up to! Your support has been TREMENDOUS!

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We are live, join us to learn something fun about Google Keep with +Michael Daniels​!!

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KEEP it secret, KEEP it safe!
This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my all time favorite movies...and it is all also the subject of tonight's H&M Show
Oh yes! We are talking about GOOGLE KEEP!

This is going to be fun. Join us tonight 8 pm (Eastern) LIVE on +Michael Daniels' YouTube channel.

join us by the link in the original post below...

Do you have sticky notes everywhere?
some at home?
and some on the phone?
some at work?

Want to learn about a cool FREE app that will help you save notes, reminders, notes, checklists (grocery)?
....and all of these are collaborative so sharing is cool.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and join us tonight for a live stream at 8:17 pm EASTERN to learn

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No eye has seen
No ear has heard
No mind can imagine
What He has planned for those who love Him.

This is playing out in our lives right now.
It's surreal! To see the hand of God in the decisions, the opportunities, the reality of daily living...this has been something incredible and I am blessed to be able to share it.

Too much to say here, it will come in a vlog tomorrow on our +Kraaft Shaak​ YouTube channel.

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A smart move, removal of the very archaic and difficult to use 'Video Editor' is going away.

Just as +Peggy K​ shares in the original post the much better editing option called 'Enhancements' is still available which allows you to trim small sections of video.
I am happy to see this change as it has been difficult to explain the difference between the two and the editor was very frustrating to use!

Thanks for the update Peggy K!
The YouTube Video Editor and Photo Slideshows will be going away September 20th

YouTube just announced that the Video Editor and Slideshow creators will be retired, which is not too surprising.

If you've used the YouTube video editor recently, you probably noticed it hasn't been updated in a long time. It uses Flash, which is on its way out, and frequently produces errors.

Enhancements will still be available, and you can use that to trim, selectively blur or add a filter to your video.

You have until September 20th to finish and publish your projects. Any videos published before then will not be affected.

The alternative is to download your videos and use the video editor of your choice.

If you are using a Chromebook, I haven't found any good free video editing options.

I've been trying out WeVideo, which seems to work well. But that does cost $60 per year to access most features. You can try it out for free, but the free tier only allows publishing 5 minutes of video per month, at 460p (so not HD), with the WeVideo branding.

For more info about the change, or if you have questions, head over to the YouTube help forum:!topic/youtube/dx5xKn6v6rM

And in the YouTube Help Center:

Note that if you want to download your own videos, Google Takeout should let you retrieve them in the original file format. Downloading the MP4 from the YouTube Video Manager will only download in 720p.

Google Takeout:
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