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Heather Kraafter
Helping the world find their crafty bone, one inky mess at a time.
Helping the world find their crafty bone, one inky mess at a time.

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We are live in just minutes!
Watch the premiere with me LIVE - I am in the chat now!

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Be sure to set a reminder now.

We will be playing with watercolors on Tuesday!!!

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Just a post I was able to get up after almost two straight weeks of working really hard on our new membership site.

I hope you enjoy seeing all the pictures.

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I am a huge fan of LIVE STREAMING however, it isn't for everyone. Why would you use live video over recorded video? Why use video at all?

If you have any input, we want to hear it - join us at the top of the hour for Tinkering with TECH!

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I hope you will join us for this "LIVEly" discussion but if you can not make it at the scheduled time it will be RECORDED for later viewing. It will be n interesting discussion for sure.
Let's have a chat about Live stream vs just Recording
8pm Eastern tonight

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Join us tonight for TINKERING WITH TECH

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Today live on YouTube monochromatic landscape
Join us at 2 pm Eastern

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Happy mother's day to all women everywhere.
Being a mother isn't always about giving birth. It's about sacrifice and love for another human being.
I know many who fit that bill. ❤️ To you all.

Don't forget to treat your favorite mom to a great gift of creative entertainment (shameless plug, eh?)
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Are you in Arizona?
You probably don't want to miss out on this event then.
If you can't attend, consider sharing this post please.

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Are you looking for a place to get personalized help with tech topics?
Here's an opportunity to get a look at specific topics already covered and available to all of the community members.
Join today (paid for membership) and get full access to the complete list!

Thanks to +Andrew Hatchett for compiling this list!!

The H&M Community: A paid private community for followers who want to get the goods!

This is the registration form to join the H&M Community:

Follow us:
Twitter @TheHandMShow
Instagram @TheHandMShow2017

Your monthly contribution gets you:
~The links we talk about in each show,
~a repository of each episode,
~exclusive videos,
~extended topic discussions and so much more.

Do ask questions!
We may feature you on a future episode.
Do interact with the live events!
You can tweet about the show and get featured #TheHandMShow

Previous Exclusive WorkShops for H&M members:
Jun 28 2017 - YouTube WorkShop
Jul 19 2017 - YouTube WorkShop-Pt 2
Aug 18 2017 - Pixlr WorkShop
Oct 4 2017 - OBS WorkShop
Dec 2 2017 - Pixlr WorkShop
Dec 20 2017 - Pixlr WorkShop
Jan 13 2018 - OBS WorkShop
Feb 17 2018 - OBS WorkShop Pt-2
Mar 31 2018 - Google Sheets WorkShop
Apr 6 2018 - TubeBuddy vs. VidIQ Workshop
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