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Arduino SRL / is not the real Arduino.  Arduino SRL, stop misleading vendors and the public!  You usurped the Arduino name.

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Here's a mantra I would like to see at Microsoft: stop breaking products that work or making them hopelessly complex.  Also, stop having the marketing department write documentation.

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What inspires you?

I think Apple's announcement today says Tim Cook is a numbers guy and not an innovator with an eye on quality.  The acquisition of Beats Electronics cheapens the Apple brand.  I hope Cook doesn't end up Ballmerizing Apple.

Apple may be buying Beats Audio.  Think dumb.

The TV broadcast industry, in regards to the Aereo case, is sounding a lot like the music industry prior to mobile devices and iTunes.  Unfortunately pioneer Aereo may become the Napster of over-the-air TV and OTA TV will miss out on an opportunity to to escape their outdated and doomed business model.

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Radio Amateurs, this is a good site to frequent, one that is different from other amateur radio sites.

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A wonderfully practical application for the Arduino.
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