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Sometimes i wonder why some people choose WPF/C# over QT/C++.

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"..we need to not treat C++ like the crazy uncle in the attic."

10 years back, people said "C++ is the first class language like C#".
Nowadays people say "C# is the first class language like C++".

Johnny English Reborn - JavaScript
The Return of the King - C++
The Reincarnation of Lord Voldemort - COM
Gone with the Wind - WPF & Silverlight

Amusing words I heard from one of the QAs.
.... the remaining behaviour is not a bug but a feature as a result of a workaround...

Zune and iTune are equally weird & awful. They make me stupid all the time.

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Found an amusing comment at

Microsoft is making the same mistake that musicians make all the time trying have a hit. Instead of doing what they do best, they start writing sound-a-like music they hear on the radio and the rewards are short lived. They lose the real dedicated fans. They get a bunch of new fans that are will only stay as long as the music is the flavor of the moment. Then, those fans leave to another band as quickly as they came. In the end, the musician loses and regrets not taking care of the original fans. This is the path Microsoft is taking. I just spen $10,000 on a 2 year education focusing on .NET and feel like drinking a bottle of Vodka fearing I just made a huge mistake in my choice of schooling.....

Hello World!
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