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Same Bat time same Bat Channel. Re-sharing as requested.
And so it begins: Time to start hearing about how next year's phones are totally gonna blow us away and be infinitely better than anything we've ever seen.

Isn't tech news fun?!

WTF? We still have a week left before Fall becomes official and I already see pumpkin drinks in stores, commercials for Halloween stuff and even in one place, stuff for Christmas on store shelves. Seriously.  

I get the following error popup when I remove a column. Using the paid version.

Error fetching I weets: 429: Returned in API
vl. 1 when a request cannot be served due to
the application's rate limit having been
exhausted for the resource. See Rate limiting in apl v1.1.(htt:ps:// hmihnM. Y
message-Rate limit exceeded code-88

Relevant discussions can be found on the Internet at q· feaf00go or q· fff 1703f
fff 1703f], statuscode=429, message=Rate
limit exceeded, code=88, retryAfter=-1, emaining· O, limit· 15, resetTimelnseconds=1421040659,
secondsuntilReset· 302}, version=4.0.2} 
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