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This happened in America.
I am shot and killed in a residential neighborhood. My cell phone is on my person, and I am found to have been carrying only a bag of candy and a drink. 911 calls from neighbors record my screams for help, in the moments before my death. No one uses my cell phone to locate my family. No one canvass the neighborhood to see if someone there knows me. I am a John Doe in the morgue for three days. But, my body is tested for drugs and alcohol. My killer is not tested for anything. My killer is questioned and released, and he s still free today.

I am Trayvon Martin, and We are better than this. It's not about black or white, it's about wrong and right.
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I am sympathetic to that story. But how will be reposting give justice?
Cora Reed
Raise awareness. Call your congress people. Support the Federal investigation. Challenge your friends to be more sympathetic, and less bigoted. Challenge your feelings about race. This small paragraph, if nothing else, will hopefully make YOU think about racism in America.
And what would it make me think about racism? What would it make others think about racism? This paragraph says nothing about race.
Cora Reed
+Matthew Quinly , if this was a white child that was killed in the same way, do you think it would have been investigated differently? Perhaps you are unaware that this child was black, and was killed while walking, unarmed, though a white community. Walking while black is not against the law.
+Cora Reed I am aware that the kid was black. I don't find that walking while black is a crime and shouldn't be said to be.
I am simply asking "what is the point of me reposting". Many people have heard this story. Many people know it. My congresswomen/men don't follow me. So who am i reaching with this story? What will me reposting do? And given the paragraph as it is... what impact on racism will it have? That is at the heart of being asked to repost something. If i felt that it would make some good it would surely do it.
But +Ryan Ng , who decides if a neighborhood is notorious? An app like this would seem to rely on racism.
+Cora Reed I truly mean no offense. So if any is taken i apologize. But i feel you are a little caught up in everything being racist. An app like that does not have to be racist. It would and could be used like Yelp. You simply note the neighborhoods that you don't feel comfortable in. Many other people do the same. It is crowd sourcing peoples feelings about certain neighborhoods. There are bound to be come things that look worse than others. I'm sure south central LA would show up worse than Beverly Hills, but that is just based on the feeling of people while they are in those neighborhoods.
+Matthew Quinly admittedly, I am very caught up in the racism issue. It sickens me. Race based crimes are just a small part of a bigger picture. I am a part of a very inter-racial family. Black, white, Hispanic, Persian. Each person in my family who is not of "Caucasian" pigment has had problems at one time or another because of the color of their skin. Even in my (rather elite) neighborhood there are divisions between people from within or out of the neighborhood at my son's school. This is non-nonsensical to me. I can't grok it.

If such an app was based wholly on police data, it would make a bit more sense to me. But as we see in this case, the police cannot be trusted to behave equally in a case of murder in this jurisdiction. (Beverly Hills scares the shit out of me...but that is another thread.) I appreciate your devil's advocacy. I do not think we are like minded, but that is ok. At least you have something to say.

I had thought of posting this to my political circle only, but I do believe that racism and bigotry need to be pulled into the light, whenever possible because it is still a human issue in America. We really should be better than this.
This is part of the issue at hand +Ryan Ng . This child's murder was not treated in a way it would have been treated if the child was white.
Really, this willful ignorance about what racism actual effects are on people of color is getting tiresome. No one can tell me if a Black man outweighing a white teenager by 100 lbs disobeyed police dispatchers orders, chased him down & shot him dead, he'd leave with the gun, and be able to just disappear. To pretend that race has nothing to do with this is to pretend institutional racism is the justice department is a figment of our imagination. It isn't.
+Ryan Ng what do you know about how Trayvon was raised? Do you have special insight? 
+Ryan Ng so Trayvon was racist? +Cora Reed I'm out before I blow up your nice thread. Hope to see you posting again soon
No,no. I think there may be a language barrier problem. I would like to think he is commenting on the shooter. Not on the child.
I live in Daytona Beach, FL (about 30 miles from Sanford) and have been following this case.

Several of my friends went to the rally yesterday and a friend of mine is organizing a rally in Daytona this weekend.

This is such a sad story. After hearing the call George Zimmerman placed to the sheriff's office makes me wonder if he himself was on drugs. But we will never know, because he was never tested.

He "patrols" this neighborhood. There are only 3 streets in the community and he can not tell dispatch what street he is parked on? He gives an address of 111, there is no 111 in the complex. And it was very clear that George had profiled Trayvon.

One of the 911 callers said that George was on top of Trayvon before he shot him. I do not call that self defense.

The "stand your ground" law is a good thing. Previously, someone breaking into your home had more rights than you did if you were to injure or kill an intruder. But this is clearly an abuse of that law.

George Zimmerman had pursued a career in law enforcement, but for what ever reason, he didn't make the cut. He is a wannabe cop, and they are very dangerous individuals!

Yes, George needs to be arrested! Once he is, I hope things settle down. The FBI is now involved, so we will not have all the media leaks. We do not need this case tried in the media, like another high profile murder trial we had here in the Orlando area recently.
+Matthew Quinly really? The more people know about this the more pressure is put on lawmakers to change the law or at least clarify it. What if this was your family member or friend? This is insane that you can shoot anyone you want and claim self defense. The investigation being botched is garbage as well. An example should and will be made out of this. I won't drop the race card as that is just making assumptions but this whole situation is crazy. Solution: Change the law, punish law enforcement who didn't do their duty, and charge this man with murder.
This is the way it is with Obma in office as our president. It is about "BLACK" or "WHITE" with HOLDER as ATG. Get rid of OBAMA as president and his whole administration will go along with him and then we can get back to justice for the USA. It is not democrate or republican it is whats good for the people.
Cora Reed
+Kirk Burleson , you are speaking as a racist. If we made the Black man go away, do you think Trayvon's case would be any different?
yes +Kirk Burleson if we didn't have a Black POTUS, vigilantes who gunned down Black boys in the street would get to do it in anonymity like the good ol' days. It's not social media or the 24 hr news's OBAMA'S FAULT
it's Obama's fault?!? Isn't everything Obama's fault to white America?
+Kirk Burleson What utter crap! Having a black president in the White House has nothing to do with the reason an innocent black kid was shot to death in Florida, though it might mean a small amount of justice is ultimately achieved.
+Derek Broughton It doesn't even mean we'll see justice. It means the POTUS took 2 minutes to talk about it. Even that, apparently is a huge threat.
+John Mahler I can only assume you are making the point that racism goes both ways. Or all ways. This is indeed true.
Frank I do not know if you think that everything is Obama's fault or not. I am not blamming Obama for everything and I could care less that he is Black, White, or otherwise. He just wants to control the whole USA and destroy our way of freedom and become a dictator. I know that he needs to go come November if we are going to save our country. I do know that Obama makes everything about race and plays the race card every chance he gets which is every day. What the USA needs is a president that is for all of America and not just for the Blacks or Whites but for all races, religions, and cultures.
^5 for the Blazing Saddles reference
Thanks +Cora Reed for that, a lot of people has forgotten that someone's child is dead. Now it is all about agendas. The only agenda should be to arrest and hold the person accountable for that death.
+Kirk Burleson I'm confused as to what Obama has to do with this situation. The justice department is doing it's job by stepping into a situation to investigate the grave injustice that occurred in Sanford. Surely you don't think that they are only involved because Eric Holder and Obama are black. Like it or not, race is an aspect of this case and needs to be acknowledged and discussed.
GTFOH +Kirk Burleson. AAAAAAhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew. Ignorance is a helluvadrug.He wants to destroy "our" America and become a dictator.....we must "save our country" from the black boogeyman muslim terrorist socialist nazi....who killed Trayvon...Right. This is why Trayvon was murdered and Zimmerman is free. This right here.
AMEN to this! I'm sick to death of the lack of justice we're seeing now these days! It's made me question our legal justice system, and constantly asking "What has happened to America?" The "Good Ol' US" isn't what it used to be.
But you can't divorce Trayvon's situation from race +Kirk Burleson. The fact is, he was stalked and murdered because he looked suspicious to George Zimmerman based on his race. It's not a "race card". This is reality of life in America.
i hope that the congres is reading this now because if he were white he would be investigated further and all of you know that just sitting here making stupid remarks will not help at aall so say something but if you do remember that you are going to forget 20 mins later
i don't understand. if he is dead how did he write that
+Elon James White I think he migrated from Facebook. I don't normally see this shit outside of there, or #tcot.
+Kirk Burleson You are neck deep in the fear and hate of the fox news and rush limbaugh set. I hope you can take a deep breath, free yourself from that yoke and see the wonder and joy in the world.
+John Mahler Wait.. wait wait wait. Are you seriously comparing a kid being snapped at by a teacher to a young kid being shot dead in the street? REALLY?!
What is really sad here is that many black kids are shot/stabbed or killed everyday and nothing is ever said about it. It is not becasue of the color of the childs skin that this is such an issue it is because the color of the shooters skin. How many Black men/women kill a black child and it is never reported like this. I think it is a travesty that the shooter in this case is not behind bars yet, but it is also sad that this is only a national issue because o the color of the shooters skin.
+Kirk Burleson Go back to your non educated white male trash and keep watching Fox News the whole day. You don't have anything to eat and no health care, you leave on foodstamps, but you keep following those who tell you to go against your own interests.
Actually +Denny Locke the reason why this is on the news is because a child was stalked because of what he represented to society at large. "A Threat." This is apart of the systemic and institutionalized issues of race in America. White people are killed by white people and they don't have this much media coverage either. There is literally zero point in bringing up black on black crime in a discussion on the stalking and murdering of a child because he looked suspicious.
This happened not to far from where I live. Every one is feeling it for miles. You hear most of the 911 calls and the kid was seeking help. If I am walking from the store in an upscale gated community I really don't expect someone to chase me down as if I am suspect of a robbery that did not happen and be shot mercilessly after yelling for help. For all of you who don't care. If your children ever get shot and the murderer is not even apprehended until all the facts are clear. Fuck fox news this happened FOR REAL.
+Brenda Brown Part of the problem, is the Sanford Sheriff's department is afraid to be sued for violating George Zimmerman's civil liberties if they arrest him, since he is claiming self defense. The sheriff's office did not investigate this crime. Chief Bill Lee has temporarily stepped down from his position as of yesterday following public outrage. This jester is self-serving, as the "good-old-boys" working under him will carry on as if he was still there.

+jijji bishop George is currently in hiding. I know of at least one person who has hired a private investigator to find him, although I don't know what good that will do, other than to make sure he doesn't hop on a plane somewhere.

The problem with him not being arrested is that he is free to get a passport, if he does not already have one and get on a plane an disappear. If they had arrested him and released him while he is being investigated, he would not. But until the FDLE and FBI got involved, they were not even attempting to do an investigation.
+Elay Sung I don't think you understand the issue. I feel sorry for you.
+Elay Sung The phone calls clearly demonstrate that Zimmerman thought he was suspicious for being black in his neighborhood. It's not being butt hurt to point to the truth. Zimmerman was motivated by racist assumptions about what it meant to be a black boy in a hoodie... he wouldn't have looked twice at me.

I can tell you story after story of times where people REALLY should have stopped me and asked me what the hell I was doing (even though I was legit) but because I'm a white woman, nobody even blinked an eye.
Matthew, you doth protest too much.. I think we are hittin' a little close to home. and, Elay.. learn to spell if you want to be respected here.. and learn to think before posting youtube-level simpleton statements.. that will not work here. WARNING: folks here do. not. play.
And congratulations on making "what's Hot" with something important, original, that speaks from your heart to many other hearts. And NO visual, at that! You have broken the mold.
Actually +Elay Sung, What facts are missing? We have 9 (seperate) 911 Phone calls creating a timeline as to when the shooting happened. We have audio of George Zimmerman saying he sees some suspicious guy in his neighborhood. Follows him. Police say "DONT DO THAT" he ignores them. There's a young lady on the phone with the victim who says he was scared of the dude following him. Phone logs puts that phone call within 5 minutes of his death. Cops arrive 1 minute after Zimmerman shoots the victim. Cops don't drug test or alcohol test Zimmerman. They DO drug test the victim. They put him as a jon doe for 3 days while his parents are saying he's missing. Victim is only armed with skittles and ice tea.

What facts are we missing ma'am?
This thread right here? Shows clearly what racism is. and it's ugly as all hell. THAT BOY WAS SOMEBODY'S CHILD. He was killed for going to the store to get skittles and coming back with his hood up. He wasn't engaged in criminal activity. He was followed by some lumbering stranger who took off running after him & killed him because he looked "suspicious". and the sheriff's department was going to just let that go, like it's perfectly OK to shoot a 17 year old for the crime of walking while Black in a hoodie carrying skittles! What in the entire universe is right about that situation? Somehow, it's Obama's fault? It's our fault as non-whites? The Gotdam Keystone Cops headed by Barney Fife blew the handling of this case. Which is about the death of a high school student, in case you'd lost sight of that. Has Nancy Grace devoted a show to this case yet? That should tell you how we value the life of Trayvon Martin.
Dear +Cora Reed ,

I think you are trying to do a good thing here. But it is a thing that stretches people's empathy in directions that are uncomfortable at best, and downright painful if that empathy does not get warmed up and worked out on a regular basis. I am sorry that you are facing some downright ludicrous responses because of this.

Never trust anyone that "doesn't see race." To not see race is to deny the lived reality of other people. To say that about talking about race produces racism is absurd! You cannot say that about any other problem. "If you just did not talk about needless malaria deaths, they would just stop happening!" "Well, it's all this talking about it that just makes world hunger worse." (That came from an author I cannot recall of the top of my head, but I remember their awesome.)

That our President could not address this rotting sickness in our country is to our collective shame. Is this part of Obama's America? Only coincidentally! Only because some people lost their damn minds when he was lawfully elected. Only because PotUS death threats are still up 400%. Only because membership in white supremacy and other hate groups are still skyrocketing. Is it Obama's America? He is in charge, yes, but it is not his Administration driving this hate. It is the one thing that makes him different than any other PotUS in history - I think I will go look at their portraits and see what that is... =)

I would be glad to circle you, if you do not mind,


PS: Anyone can be racially prejudiced against anyone; but racism is prejudice + power.
Elon James White, point taken and I stand corrected. I did not mean to make it into a black on black issue. It is an issue that needs to be brought to the nations attention, just as any child that is murdered for no reason.
+miriam dunn I cannot be credited with writing the initial statement. But thank you.
oh, I see.. Cora made this public.. that is ok, but realize there are trolls out there.. you can tell them by the misspelled sludge they post.
+Elay Sung I care not one bit about you personally. I don't care how you choose to process external power dynamics and whether or not you are able to anaylize power structural and historical realities. If you say to me that racism is a fabrication, I will tell you to go fuck yourself and get the fuck out of my face. If I am not at my emotional wit ends, I may try to dialogue. I may not. It depends.


What I do care about is the fact that mothers and fathers are scared to death when they kiss their babies goodbye and send them outside for fear that a lunatic racist crazy over-empowered entitled asshole will target them as prey because he decides they look "suspicious". What I care about is justice. What I care about is the fact that black children are being hunted as prey. What I care about is the fact that my loved ones have to not only careflully monitor their behavior, but their attire so as to appease anyone from shooting and killing them less they wear some arbitrary attire that has been deemed "suspicious" by a lone gunman. What I care about is justice. What I care about is ensuring that black and brown children are not murdered. What I care about is creating a world that is safe for a black boy to leave his fathers house and go to the store to buy skittles and iced tea and RETURN HOME ALIVE. I give not one single solitary fuck about your own internalized issues, your own choice of appeasement and emotional growth or regression - until they endanger the people I love. So fall the fuck back unless you are interested in working on demanding justice for Trayvon.
+Mary Daniels Internet Argument Rule #4: When you are losing a debate, attack their spelling and grammar.@Cora Reed - Elay has a point, you guys don't know all the facts yet you want to pass judgment on the guy. MAYBE he was motivated by race, or maybe the guy is just an idiot. The point is YOU don't know so stop deciding who is guilty.
Or, most likely, he is an idiot motivated race. Just saying...
An innocent child, minding his own business, who had every right to be where he was, when he was there was shot dead for no reason other than a paranoid delusional man was having a bad day. Police were on their way. And no one is being held responsible. That is the tragedy!
We know for a fact that Zimmerman knew only one fact about Trayvon Martin.
+Ryan Ng there are programs being worked on that help people stay out of neighborhoods with high crime rates.
+Kirk Burleson - None of things you said are backed up by any available facts. None. Now, if you'd like to get back to the boy who was murdered which has nothing to do with Obama, I'd be happy to hear your thoughts...
+Erin McCargar The 13 year old boy was doused in gasoline and burnt. It's a miracle he's not dead. My point, as +Cora Reed pointed out, was that racism goes both ways.
Wow well can you forward who wrote this... AMAZING! thank you for sharing
I read this earlier today, and thought it needed to be broadcast further. Nothing else. I am horrified that this child was killed. My son is only 13. The loss of a child is enough. The fact that he was murdered is more. The fact that law enforcement did not pursue this is criminal. This thread will hopefully shine a light upon an issue that most people try to look away from. I am not playing a race card. I am playing a mother card. I am a mom. I do not want this to happen to my child. The fact that the trolls have come does not bother me. They are fluffing up their fur because they don't want to think like parents. They don't want to think logically. They don't want to believe what happened was racially motivated regardless of the details based in fact.
Ah I scanned the other way. I still disagree with your point, racism doesn't go both (all?) ways because it requires the social power to back up whatever prejudice is being displayed.
And one incident does not social power make. Because black and latino kids are called the same and worse every day, have worse done to them every day. Trayvon was not alone, there is a long litany of people who are dead at the hands of our racist society.
I note that no one has remarked on the earlier 'Go back to your non educated white male trash' comment.

Wasn't that a racist comment? Why bring race into it?
+Cora Reed You left out...and the fact that you want to rush to judgment without knowing all the facts makes you the one who doesn't want to think like a parent or think logically. You ONLY want to believe it was a race crime, maybe it was, or like I said, maybe it was just an idiot who wanted to play policeman. Forming an opinion WITHOUT all the facts is what a fool does. A parent or anyone else for that matter, should always gather all the facts before they reach a conclusion.
+Dirk Nichols perhaps you did not read all the facts that are public at this moment. Some within this thread. From people in Florida.
As a white person, I have never felt "stereotyped" as racist. Its about understanding your privilege and the historical context of a situation before voicing an opinion.
Getting a lot of feedback about my comments I made on Obama as our president. People are calling me races. Also people have me all wrong. I belive that George Zimmerman did out wright and in cold blood murder Trayvon and should be brought to justice. I do not look at peoples color or race. I see people as all one color and race....they are people period and I hate no one. I do not like Obama and it is not because he is black. I would not like him if he was white, or anything else. It is my oppinion that he is a bad president. You may like him, thats your right to like him.
I would appreciate it if all you people just get off my ass. You do not have a clue on who I am or what I think and most of you who make comments about me are a races and do not want to accept or listen to another persons comments about your president. It is too bad for you that you have such a tiny brain in your head.
I'm not saying either way because I don't know everything. but this is looking like a race crime as the shooter has a well known history of both violence and racism. at least, that was my understanding of the situation.
+Kirk Burleson No call for us to "get off your ass" when you showed for all to see. Nobody wanted to see that in the first place.
George zimmerman is being hung out as a racist white guy, but he was a hispanic with several black relatives and friends. It sounds to me like he is a gungho cop wannabe.
Prejudice is a natural fact.. prejudice can flow all different ways.. gender, height, language, the color of your jacket. Racism is prejudice based on color of skin..for the purpose of being privileged over another based on that color judgement. The most effective way to reduce racism is to work with people you know who wish to learn, not shouting soundbites over the internet to people you do not know. Then we must work collectively to make this a better place.. exposing the truth of injustice is a beginning, imo.. and should be ever important.
+Paul Cook the races of those involved was not mentioned at first. Those of us with experience living as non-white in America didn't have to be told. And we were right.
This is the one time it is okay to play the race card....If you have never been discriminated against you obviously dont know.... That Kid could have been me when I was younger... I sure as hell know that kid did not give a fuck about what that man was doing. What is suspicious about a kid walking down the street?? Nothing right? Then why is he Dead? What made him a threat to the neighborhood and most importantly Gearge Zimmerman? Someone answer one of those questions without proving, he was the wrong color in the Wrong place...
While I think what happened was a tragedy, I think trying this guy in the media instead of letting the grand jury do it's job isn't justice. We don't really know the full facts of the case. If you took a look at the arrest report Zimmerman was reported to have suffered injuries (bleeding out of the back of his head, bloody nose) and his back was wet from being down on the grass. Then you have an eye witness who stated that he say Martin on top of Zimmerman beating him. It is possible that it was legitimate self defense. That being said without knowing who started it it is hard to really determine if it was legitimate or not. I am hopeful the Grand Jury investigation can come up with some more information on it. Anyway I think it is foolish for people to rush to judgement when they don't have the facts. I think one thing that could be agreed on is if Zimmerman had stayed in his car and waited for the police the whole thing could have been avoided, and it is always best to avoid getting into situations that could escalate on the other hand if he just got out to check the street sign and was attacked by Martin he would be also justified. But if he got out to go after Martin and pretend to be a cop then it seems like he overstepped his bounds and it was not justified self defense. Whatever happened calling him guilty without knowing the facts is not just either. Let's let the Justice system work and investigate the situation.
For everyone talking about race, black, white, whatever... George Zimmerman is HISPANIC! It does not change the facts that a man kills a child and the police do NOTHING! And has nothing to do with who is in the White House!
"I just feel that white people get stereotyped alot as racist (when most are not) and I get tired of it." +Clayton Thompson just so you know 'racist' doesn't necessarily mean 'racist enough to shoot a kid'. Racist can also be the day-to-day assumptions we make about each other, or what we choose to ignore about history so we can justify another person's problems as solely their own fault and not in context of a bigger societal problem.
+Kirk Burleson - Talking about race doesn't make you a racist. Asking someone to justify their comments about race does not make someone a racist.
+Garrett Cramer you can in fact have black friends and family members and still take actions motivated by racial animus. You can be Latino and white, or Latino and brown and still be motivated by racial animus.
+Kirk Burleson "I do not look at peoples color or race." Were you raised on the moon? Where did you grow up that you did not become exposed to any of society's judgments? Can I visit there?
+Paul Cook it was actually mentioned earlier in the thread. If the child had been white, the police would have treated the matter differently.
I would like to comment on this tragic story, but since I am a white middle age male, anything I say would simply be prejudged as racist. It is a shame that there is no where in today's society for an honest exchange of ideas and view points.
+Paul Cook "Making everything into a race issue breeds racism." Nnnnnnnno. If I tell you that a black person was killed by a non-black person because they looked naturally 'suspicious' despite doing nothing wrong, that does not breed racism in myself or in you. It makes you aware of a racist incident. That might make you uncomfortable, but it doesn't make you more or less racist. It makes you informed. Pretending that the killer was not racist or leaving that part out doesn't save us all through naivete or something. It's being aware that racism is still a problem that allows us to know we have to fight it.
Thank you Lorraine, I do not have a racist bone in my body and just would like to get along with all people.
Nice of James Cook to prejudge the rest of us in his rant about prejudice. Perhaps a mirror would be useful here.
I think george would have acted the same if the boy was white in a hoodie and baggy pants. That was my point about his race.
The people supporting Mr. Zimmerman say he was justified because there had been several break-ins in the neighborhood. Well guess what, they happened under George's watchful eyes!!!

The first rule of a community watch is to not engage or interject yourself into the situation. Your job is to keep your ears and eyes open and report it to the police. George made himself prosecutor, judge and jury and executed an innocent boy walking through his neighborhood talking on his cell phone with his girlfriend in Miami!
White people just realizing that racism exists, go process your emotions elsewhere. Not in a thread that is about a Black child who was murdered and the killer has not even been arrested. For the sake of humanity. Please go process your emotions somewhere else. You have successfully turned this thread into a "I am white and being made to be aware of my privilege and it hurts." You DO need to process this, BUT NOT HERE. Please. Please. Please.
+James Cook I'm pretty sure "This is awful, Trayvon was innocent, and his killer should go to trial" would go over just fine. And it is a shame that there are so few places for honest exchanges of ideas, but being passive-aggressive about it on someone's G+ wall just makes it look like you want to say something controversial but would be uncomfortable getting e-confronted about it.
Chris E
Agree! This is a tragedy in mega proportions.
+James Cook The pendulum swings in both direction. In all directions. The fact is: A child is dead. He was murdered. His killer is free. The police did not investigate. What happened was criminal and tragic. If you feel you have something to add, or can shine a light on some wisdom that was missed, Please do.

In re-posting this paragraph, I had hoped to express my outrage at a child's death. My outrage of the actions of the police. And point out, that this can happen (is happening) all over the United States.

I had no idea it would explode like this. But if one person, ONE person who read this paragraph changed his or her mind about race, then I am contented. If one mother hugged her boy harder this morning, I am contented.

I will continue to let this thread play out. Because I think it's important.
How are you in my google + circle? I don't think I know who you are. I'm really sorry for Trayvon Martain...Obama made a speach about this called it a tragedy. He also called it a "local" event. I personally do not support this administration because of their repeated human rights violations. There are way bigger problems in this country than the stupid rednecks in Florida, murders happen in every city in every state. If I found someone murdered, I'd not pull his wallet or cell phone either, that's all evidence. Really get a friggen cause worth being upset about. oh and out of my circle soon as I figure this crap out.
+Cora Reed How do you know the police would have treated it differently if the kid was white? What is the basis of your argument? There are a lot of assumptions being made on this thread before the case comes up.
+Garrett Cramer I'm sorry, but thank you for making me laugh... your comment George Zimmerman was Hispanic. When did he stop? Sorry, not picking fun, I really needed a good chuckle! And I do not disagree with what you are saying.
Sorry, but 17 is not a child and there is no formal charge of murder. It will probably be manslaughter at most.
+Kirk Burleson - Well, then it would probably be a good idea to not talk about your hate for the President which is not based on any factual information (If you would like factual info about the President I can send some links your way) and work to make it so that people are not profiled and murdered because of their race like Trayvon was. No one deserves this, and racism is the cause of his murder.

I hope you are passing around some links and starting some conversations about how people are viewed because of their race and how that is harmful and causes people like Trayvon to be murdered everyday among your circle of influence.
+Cora Reed I really think you should wait for the facts to come out before you go around saying someone is a murderer. Do you have a crystal ball that lets you see things that nobody else in the public has access too? Instead of this being about a poor kid who got shot and died, you have turned this into a race war. That makes you just as bad as the dude who shot the kid IF he did it because of race.
"There are way bigger problems in this country than the stupid rednecks in Florida, murders happen in every city in every state." +James Ramsey

Innocent kids getting shot is something we can afford to care about. Humans are capable of caring about lots of stuff at once. I for one care about trying to raise awareness about racism in America AND helping the disadvantaged in other countries AND what I am going to have to dinner tonight AND watching Community later.

"If I found someone murdered, I'd not pull his wallet or cell phone either, that's all evidence."

I don't think the suggestion was that some random person should have checked these items, but rather that the cops should have once his body was recovered, since it was an unidentified body.

"Really get a friggen cause worth being upset about."

Innocent kids getting killed in America isn't worth getting upset about? Can I ask what you prioritize over that and why you can't juggle more than one concern at once? (Maybe you have a mental condition that I'm unaware of - I wouldn't want to be rude and just assume that you could juggle multiple concerns but choose not to)
+Garrett Cramer I absolutely can't disagree with you there - he was apparently a regular caller-in to 911 before he killed Trayvon.

However! I would encourage you to look at the numbers in America of how many innocent white people are reported via 911, or randomly searched, or arrested and taken in for questioning, or shot for being 'suspicious', versus how many black or Hispanic people.
Only two people were there that night. And one of them is dead. You make a lot of assumptions. I don't know what happened to this country that we're so quick to want to charge someone with something.

There is such a thing as self defense in this world. I am willing to give Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt until I see evidence, strong evidence, that we acted otherwise.

Whether Mr. Zimmerman is charged or not Trayvon Martin is gone. I can definitely feel sorrow for his parents. I can't imagine the pain of loosing a child in this manner.
Joy P
Beautiful sentiment Cora and I agree wholeheartedly.
+Kevin Meidel Do you concede that Trayvon Martin is dead at least? Or did racist minorities make that up, too?
Sounds like the often used phrase "can't prove a negative". Compassion and sympathy should override ideology. It's interesting that the 9/11 anniversary rallies around the "Never Forget" slogan and we live our lives forgetting and going back to the same old hate cycle. We better figure something out the clock is ticking.
I have to agree with cora. This was racist. This app would be racist, I'd it automatically alerts you. "warning: you are walking into a black neighborhood. Turn around!" as for the button thing, 911 is only 4 buttons, and either one relies on being able to get the button(s) pressed.
+Charlie Durand If you admit to shooting another person, you have to go through the judicial process and prove your claim of self-defense. Zimmerman admitted to shooting Trayvon. The 'Stand Your Ground' law, which by the way probably won't work for him as he instigated the confrontation, is what would get him a 'not guilty', not a 'no trial'. Zimmerman shot and killed someone and the State isn't investigating to make sure it wasn't a wrongful death. Does that seem right?
Maybe he was a thug wearing a hooded jersey who snuck into a protected gated community looking to steal some shit and got mad when he was getting followed turned and went towards Zimmerman talking shit about popping a cap in his ass while holding his hand under his jersey like he was carrying a gun. There is a lot more to this story than oh look a black man, blam! Cops show up, did you shoot someone? Yeh a black man. Good job Zimmy carry on!
+jijji bishop "I hope someone gets this fucker and takes justice into their own hands..." Isn't this exactly how this situation came about in the first place???? More vigilante justice isn't going to help.
So, +Garrett Cramer , I guess you're saying that women in short skirts are basically asking for it, right?
+Garrett Cramer I was not aware that a hoodie was suspect clothing. I am going to have to address my child's closet. Are there guidelines written some where about what might be suspect clothing? Please elucidate.
You're saying that clothes make the potential crime. If a hoodie can get you in trouble, I gather a short skirt can as well.
+Bill Reynolds So basically, you have no idea about the solid facts of what happened. AWESOME. Trayvon did not sneak in anywhere. He was visiting his dad IN THE GATED COMMUNITY. Went out to buy snacks during the middle of a televised sports program. Was walking back from the store with his purchased Skittles and iced tea when Zimmerman called him in to 911 as a 'suspicious character' who was 'probably on drugs'. Please come back to this conversation when you've read up on what did happen.
+Garrett Cramer First of all, it is spelled but. Second, please show me the instances of well-behaved white hoodie kids getting harassed and then I will drown you in instances of well-behaved black hoodie kids getting harassed. The numbers are still way out of wack.
The fact that Zimmerman has not been charged with anything tells me that there is more to the story than is being told. I don't pretend to know what, but surely there is more.
+Coqui Negra Maybe you had trouble comprehending what I said. I said "Instead of this being about a poor kid who got shot and died, you have turned this into a race war". A kid died, and that's sad, but its even more sad that some people are deciding that they know all the facts of the case, that they know what was in this guys head when he killed the kid, that they are the only ones who can have an opinion.

Censorship of thought and opinion is one of the worst things that someone can do. It looks like Cora has decided that she and she alone will decide the fate of this idiot who killed an unarmed kid. She is entitled to her own opinion, but not her own facts. If her position is so weak that she can't stand up to those who question her opinions, then you have to question what her real motive is. Is it to voice her opinion or is it to force it down the throat of everyone else?
I think Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin, summed it up pretty well when he held his first press conference, "My son left Sanford in a body bag and George Zimmerman got to sleep in his own bed!"
Cora, I personally thank you for raising awareness about this case. Regardless of what is said in this thread ...good/bad, Trayvon was murdered plain and simple. Terrorists that hate this country have been presumed to hate America because of our freedom. It's not the freedom they hate, it's the hypocrisy.
Thank you for the clarification +Garrett Cramer .

We have come off the rails. 1) This is about a child. And a 17 year old, is still a child. Ask his mother about that one. 2) His murderer is free. 3) The police failed in this matter.

Perhaps to point in a slightly different direction. Do you think the murderer was a vigilantly? Was he within his rights under Florida state law?
+Kevin Meidel I rarely have trouble with comprehension. Even in Florida, when you shoot someone, the police take you to the precinct, take a statement, maybe test the weapon, maybe arrest you, maybe not. Barney Fife & crew let Zimmerman take off with his gun, aand tested the dead body of Trayvon Martin. Does that sound like sensible police procedure to you?
+Kevin Meidel "Instead of this being about a poor kid who got shot and died, you have turned this into a race war" is, by the way, an extremely ridiculous thing to say. Someone shoots an innocent black person, and then a bunch of black people express their sadness and concern... and it's the people talking that are apparently starting a war? Nobody's even saying Zimmerman should be killed or harmed. They're saying he should be arrested. Reevaluate your priorities and recognize that a minority community has every right to express their concerns when they feel a murder has happened and, worse, is part of a larger problem with society.
+Garrett Cramer I can tell you the person Zimmerman personally confronted and then shot was black. Does that count for anything?
+Kevin Meidel You were not required to read this thread. You are free to excuse yourself from it. I am not shoving anything down anyone's throat. I am expressing my outrage. As you are. Please feel free to take this conversation to your friends and discuss among yourselves.
There are quite a few problems with this case; 1. Zimmerman was instructed NOT to follow this kid, 2. Zimmerman ILLEGALLY carried a weapon while on neighborhood watch (That ALONE should have been reason enough to arrest him)
"+Annastasia Snyder" - Zimmerman was investigated.

The police came the scene and investigated. That is what the police do. The came to the scene, investigated, and determined there was not enough evidence that Mr. Zimmerman broke the law.

What you want is charges and arrests. I guess you want people arrested even if the police don't think there is evidence of a crime?
+Garrett Cramer He's vigilante in that he's not part of a group and he bypassed the cops. He might be "a nut job", but is that just what we say when a person murders someone in cold blood for a reason we don't understand or want to accept?
+Cora Reed You interjected your post into my feed. So yeah, deal with it. You can be "outraged" all you want. However, being "outraged" about something when you don't know all the facts is pretty dumb. So instead of going around saying the guy was a racist, a murder, etc., how about just saying "Hey, a kid was shot and died and that sucks and bothers me, but as an intelligent individual I will wait for all the facts to come out before I decide what is right and what is wrong".
+Garrett Cramer And that's completely your feeling, not fact. And it also flies in the face of the data I referred to earlier, about how black kids are much more likely to be innocently stopped, searched, pulled over, arrested, brought in for questioning, beaten, and shot by cops, security guards, or anyone who is "defending their neighborhood" like Zimmerman claimed to be.

And again, you say "suspicious person". Do you not understand that black men in America are unreasonably considered scarier or more intimidating than a white man wearing the same outfit? Or are you just trying to dodge admitting that by saying ANYONE could've gotten shot so this clearly doesn't support any possibility of modern racism?
+Kevin Meidel Why are you still talking? You already exposed yourself to being completely ignorant to the details of the incident. Walk away.
I've been keeping up with this story. So terribly tragix.
"+Cora Reed" Where are you getting your information that black men are considered "scarier" in America?
GOD BLESS YOU! You are absolutely right! Hold on to your Mindset. AMEN!!!
+Annastasia Snyder As a 16 year old, I was often stopped by the police for no reason. As I grew older, I was stopped because I drove an especially nice car. These days I don't get stopped nearly as often because I drive a VERY nice car and it frankly intimidates many police to bother me in that car, thinking I maybe an attorney or something. But I am fearful for my daughters because this is something that will NEVER change. Blacks will ALWAYS been seen as suspicious, dangerous, fill in the blank. And the white mindset will always be "blacks are too sensitive, that stuff doesn't happen".
+Annastasia Snyder have you heard zimmerman 's 911 call? I agree that more blacks in up as suspicious persons, but this guy was a cop wannabe who put himself and this kid in a position that he shouldn't have.
+Garrett Cramer You keep stating facts and feelings that in no way contradict that Zimmerman's actions are completely in line with the racist stereotypes of our world.
+Cloris PatientC I don't know how that is helpful. We don't ALL come from single parent homes, we don't all have bad fathers, we don't all have illegal guns, we don't all live a life without hope. So, I'm not sure for whose benefit you posted this.
+Lee Walton I don't ever imagine that racism will be eradicated in my lifetime - only that it will be lessened.

(And thank you for sharing your stories and your concerns. I think it might stave off more willful ignorance about how black people are treated and viewed...)
+Annastasia Snyder I just feel this was more about zimmerman being a nut than race. The police action seems more racist than zimmerman's.
+Annastasia Snyder A lot of people on this discussion are asking for someone to be arrested, charged, and tried for murder.

That will takes FACTS. Not conjecture.. no emotional screaming.

I am not more afraid of black people than any other people. It's interesting so many just agree with that statement. I'd like know the source is all.
+Lee Walton 1. It's not illegal to follow someone even if the 911 dispatcher tells you otherwise.
2. Mr. Zimmerman is licensed in Florida to carry a pistol. Lots of states allow this and he was not breaking the law by carrying a firearm.

So what should he have been arrested for? He didn't break the law.
That video was not about the people in this thread, +Lee Walton , but about the killer. I posted it for the people in this thread in hope that it would refocus a bit - because a good handful of folks are looking downright inhumane right now. Looking ugly and hateful and broken and resentful and twisted.
For the people on this thread from Florida - Is it legal in this state to own a gun if you are unstable? From the many 911 calls, that would be my conclusion. He was a danger to himself and others. Is this where the failure started? Or is it the state's "Make My Day" type law?
+Garrett Cramer Both are racist.

+Charlie Durand How old are you? If you admit to shooting someone, even if you claim it was self-defense, you get arrested and tried for the crime of murder. Then you have the opportunity to present facts and prove it was self defense. You don't just tell cops "I shot him but I had to" at the scene of the crime and get let off. How easy would it be to kill people and dodge the law if all you had to do was make that claim and not even bring in a third party witness?
No emotional screaming, +Charlie Durand ? Really?!? We shouldn't be emotional about the wrongful death of a child? We shouldn't be crying over the loss of life and the damage to his family and his community? Why the hell not? Why are you not angry?

How can you not be screaming in rage at this injustice? A boy was killed walking home. He is gone from this planet, unjustly. Where the hell is your humanity?

This is not a courtroom. We are not bound by Robert's Rules of Order.
+Charlie Durand So if someone shot a member of your family but told the cops it was in self defense, and that person was never cross-examined or questioned in a police station, or arrested and tried, would you be satisfied by that person's word that he hadn't broken the law?
Sorry to get so close to home, but I can't say the usual "but what if it was a kid" because it WAS a kid, and I can't say "but what if they weren't a criminal" because Trayvon WASN'T a criminal.
+Charlie Durand and yet a 17 year old is dead. Whoops! No problem. No one is to blame. Just one of those things. If you're Black wearing a hoodie, <shrug>. I'm sure the parents feel just fine now. No one is at fault & their son is back at home.
How about all those innocent children and women our US forces are killing in Afghanistan? There are alot of them last time I counted. Not that any of those soldiers are racist or anything like that. Especially when they use drones and robotic weapons.
How after hearing the 911 call from the lady whose backyard they were in did the cops not go back and pick this guy up?
+Garrett Cramer Show your work. And also show me why, after evidence that this guy was a habitual caller to 911 who instigated the confrontation and Trayvon wasn't doing anything illegal and doesn't even have a history of doing anything illegal, Zimmerman still hasn't been brought in.
+Annastasia Snyder I'd expect the cops to investigate. I know it's not popular here but there is something call a burden of proof. One of the great things about this country is you can't just be thrown in jail.

If Mr. Zimmerman's actions didn't constitute a crime, why should be arrested? Mr. Zimmerman claimed self defense and the police agreed. Otherwise they wouldn't have let him go that night.

If the local District Attorney disagrees they can always file charges. Same for the U.S. Attorney.

So far none of them seem to disagree with the police officers on the scene that night though.

You all have watched way too much Cop Drama TV shows. You want Mr. Zimmerman cuffed and dragged to the station. Yelled at.. threatened with "obstruction" if he doesn't talk.

Mr. Zimmerman has rights. If the police were to violate them there would be zero chance of possibly convicting him later.
+john g That is off course and another topic all together. Again, I posted this out of maternal outrage. Out of human outrage. Let us not slide down the rabbit hole.
+Annastasia Snyder I am old enough to know a thing or two about the legal system.

Lots of people, every day, shoot someone in self defense. They are never arrested, never hauled down to jail and questioned, never even see the backseat of a police car. The police investigate and determine it was self defense.

I'm not saying this case is cut and dry. The police should investigate. Let's the facts be found and see where they take us. I am against the rush to judgement.

Self defense seems to be a very unpopular notion around here. Do we all recognize that the police can't be with us all the time? That we, the people, are ultimately responsible for our own safety? I'm getting a little off topic here though. Sorry..
+Annastasia Snyder I agree with that. Zimmerman should be in jail, but the cops bought his storey. If my kid (white, almost eagle scout) would have been shot they would have looked a little closer.
+Cloris PatientC We can be as sad as we want about the death of a young boy. I'm not taking away from that.

I want to remind people that we live in a country of laws. Laws require findings of fact.. not emotion. That is all I am trying to say.
+Charlie Durand Your point is well taken. It is hard for many of us to divorce ourselves of emotions when thinking about our children.
+Charlie Durand You don't need emotions to see this is unjust. A kid that did nothing wrong was killed. The killing has not even been formally investigated, despite more and more evidence pointing at Zimmerman having done this without a good reason.
Zimmerman is a crazed, evil racist who had the intention to harm a Black man for some time now. His background proves that he gets paranoid when he sees Black men and he always believes Black males are up to no good. It was just a matter of time before he killed one!
+Cora Reed I'm not debating grammar, I'm asking if he meant a completely different word. I don't understand his sentence so I'm asking if he intended to type something different.
+Garrett Cramer , part of this thread it seems has been to show that there are biases every where, within every one.
+Annastasia Snyder the cops = probably racist, zimmerman =??? Could be, but I think it's more. +Cora Reed thanks for posting this. It has been great talking about this with both of you. have a great day, and lets work for a more just world.
+Annastasia Snyder You do not know what this kid was doing, wrong or not. You can't make that claim because you weren't there. The only person who can make that claim is(was) Trayvon or Mr. Zimmerman.

You keep saying nothing is being investigated. You are just wrong on this one. The killing is being formally investigated at the local, State, and Federal level as we speak. Just because an arrest has not been made does not mean an investigation is not happening. The police and district attorneys can't just arrest people on a whim. They need evidence. If they don't have enough evidence at the scene they need to gather more. That's what is happening now. Whether an arrest ever happens remains to be seen.

Some people just want to throw the process out the window and lynch people I guess.
+Charlie Durand ,the thread went pretty far into what happened and didn't and how people felt about it. Please feel free to read the thread in it's entirety. The process of justice was not served. Now there is an investigation. There is a lot of passion around this case. I have hope for our country because there is a lot of passion around this case.

I am assuming you used Trayvon's first name because he is a child and Mr. Zimmerman because he is an adult. I may be incorrect in this assumption. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt.

You are welcome to the discussion.

I have tried to have tolerance in my moderation of it. Today has taught me a lot about tolerance.
You guys are sad people. Why do you care about his death? What makes him special? Just cause he's in the news is pretty sad excuse
+Ron Shad , ask your mom why talking about things like this is important. If she doesn't understand, then I will understand your comment.
According to the 911 tapes he wasn't doing anything to Mr. Zimmerman. If I followed every person who looked suspicious to me and shoot them I would be the most profilic killer known to man. Suspicious is subjective. No matter how we look at it... whether Zimmerman was black and Tayvon was white. Zimmerman had no right to disobey the 911 dispatcher and continue his pursuit of this suspicious person, which utimately led to the death of said suspicious person.
We can go around and around about this, the bottom line is a seventeen year old person is dead (his skin color shouldn't matter and in a perfect world it wouldn't but alas we do not live in a perfect world, that is more evident each day. All the pros and cons give me pause as to how we have not advanced at all as humans in this imperfect world of ours), and that my friends is the tragedy of the whole thing, not what I think or what you think, the utmost question is what was the shooter thinking and what was Trayvon thinking...something we will never know.
+Cora Reed to answer your question about gun ownership in Florida... when you purchase a gun, you must sign a waiver that you have never been convicted of a felony, you have never been treated for mental illness, that you have never been treated for drug or alcohol addiction... then 3 days later you can purchase the gun (unless you already can prove that you already own a gun, registered to you). The dealer is supposed to do a brief background check. It has been some time since I purchased a gun, so things may have changed a little, but nothing substantial. The waiver you sign goes into the dealers files, never to be seen again, unless the gun was found or used in the commission of a crime. If you purchase at a gun show, no 3 day waiting.

George was arrested in 2005 on a domestic violence charge and resisting arrest. He and his fiance filed charges against each other and both cases were thrown out.

He did have a concealed weapons license, but that's not a license to kill!
+Jane Anderson , we have the technology. It really seems like gun purchase records should be stored in one place. (I also own guns, husband does.) I believe in the right to have them. That said: It feels like the 2005 in combination with the frequent 911 calls, should have popped up a red flag. I am sure in the next few months, more details will be discovered. As a gun owner, I hope that maybe something in this will trigger some sort of legislation about information. (Pun not intended)

I do not want to slide down the slippery slope of gun legislation. Just sayin.
+Cora Reed As to the "Make My Day Law".... it used to be that if you shot someone in your home, who had broken in, you had to prove that you had no means of escape and that you felt that your life was in danger. If you did not kill the intruder, the intruder, after their trial could sue you. If you killed the intruder, the intruders family could sue you for wrongful death.

The "make my day law" or eminent domain no longer requires that you must attempt to flee. It was enacted to save a victim of crime the burden of going to trial and the risk of law suits. It does not mean that no investigation be done, and that is where the sheriff's department was wrong. There were witnesses who had not been talked to. Evidence had not been processed. Now that this has all come out in the light of day, still nothing has been done. This is injustice.

We had a case here in Volusia County about 10 years ago, involving 2 young boys about 9 years old. They were in a wooded area and ran across a "Junk Yard" and saw something they liked. They walked into what they thought was the junkyard office to see if they could buy it.

Turned out to be the home of a hoarder, a gentleman in poor health in his upper 70s. He shot and killed the one boy. He claimed self defense. He went to jail... his life was not in danger as the jury saw it.

I'm not saying George is guilty, that is not for me to decide, but valuable evidence has been lost or tainted, as they chose not to do any investigation. Just took his word for it.

I'm sure there will be much more information to come out, and the media in it's rush to be the first to release it, is not always accurate. I will wait to see official documentation before I make a decision.

This is not Chief Bill Lee's first major screw up.
Thank you for the information. I am sorry +Jane Anderson , I really want to like Florida as a state. I even lived there for one hot summer. But it sometimes seems that the mismanagement of government in Florida is extra special.

But again, that is off topic. I hope the people in charge of this case get their sand together.
Jane Anderson - +Cora Reed Besides George being a neighborhood watch captain that could not give his location to dispatch, I also find it odd that he got a little indignant with the dispatcher when he asked what apartment he lived in. George was quick to correct that they were private homes. The community is all 2 story townhouses, in groups of 4. Edit--- Sorry Cora!
Wow. Just wow. +Jane Anderson , the only thing I can think is I hope his family is telling him to beg forgiveness. Every tiny nugget of information makes me more and more sad.
I did not read through the entire comments, but your orginial post said "this is not about black and white, it is about right and wrong", but your first comment brings up race? Which is it? I guess it is about race.
As the topic continued +John Blount , I realize how much I sympathized with the parents, as a parent myself. I cried a lot today. It's not all about race, it's about being human. To put all of our feelings, large or small, racial or not into one little basket is a grave mistake.

That said, the media, the community, the state, the justice system, have made a mistake. Right and wrong have been blurred. I let this thread play out because I think this is a discussion worth having.
This is why I want George Zimmerman arrested... I don't care about his civil rights any more... they have enough evidence to hold him... there are far too many that are passionate about this case. Once he is arrested, the passion will subside.

Once again, I'm not passing judgement, but common sense needs to prevail... someone is going to get hurt... and maybe arresting George may ensure he lives to receive a trial!

And for those not from Florida and have not followed other cases from the Orlando area, WESH is probably the most accurate and unbiased local media outlet.
+Charlie Durand CLEAR you did not read my statement...let me do it slowly; IT...IS...ILLEGAL...FOR...A...NEIGHBORHOOD...WATCH...PERSON...TO...BE...ARMED...WHILE...ON...NEIGHBORHOOD...WATCH...IN...THE...STATE...OF...FLORIDA. There. Can you comprehend that?
+Cora Reed The comments on this thread illustrate why this continues to happen, and will continue until the end of time.
+Lee Walton , I let this thread take it's own course in hope that even one person will change their mind.
I'm sorry this had to happen to anyone. I'm even more sorry that so many of you are being so quick to point the blame at Zimmerman when you don't have all the facts from a formal investigation. Everyone keeps calling Tayvon a "kid". He wasn't a kid he was 17, still too young to die, but none of you were there to know what actually happened. The only witness to the incident, a 13 year old saw them BOTH fighting on the ground before the gun shot. Everyone is painting Zimmerman as some racist crazy dude (perhaps he is) and painting Tayvon as some sweet innocent "kid". The fact is we don't know anything about him, his state of mind, or his intentions. I'm not defending anyone in this case, but I think those of you jumping on the "racist" train are perhaps being a bit racist yourselves. Just my opinion.
17 can be considered an adult in our court system, so I guess you are the fool.
+joe k Plenty of 17 year old "kids" are in prison for violent crimes. Just because you don't like what someone has to say, don't resort to name calling. It only makes your argument weak.
Please feel free to copy this post and continue to discuss this matter on your own feed.